The Four Most Important Ranking Factors For SEO In Toronto

Important Ranking Factors For SEO

Maximizing SEO Efforts

What webmasters used 5 years ago to rank websites top on popular search engines has significantly changed. To better maximize your SEO efforts, you need to ensure that you are on top of the changes in ranking factors used by search engines. Let’s look at 4 top ranking factors that you need to focus on in order to get your web pages on top of popular SERP.

Google Ranking Factors

Quality Content

Relevant content that is written with a natural language is given more prominence by search engines compared to keyword rich content. Long-form content is particularly critical if you want to appear on popular and relevant search terms. When you take time to cover a subject matter in detail, you are likely to respond to more user queries and cover multiple keywords. This is why long-form content usually ranks high.

You also need to understand how to best optimize your content for search engines. Don’t just stuff your web pages and blog posts with keywords. Ensure it’s interesting, unique and helpful to users. Add call to actions in the content to maintain a reasonable bounce rate and keep users on the page for longer. If you have thin content on your web pages, find it and fix it. You should opt to write about fewer topics but cover them in greater detail.


Backlinks have and will remain an important factor that Google algorithms use to rank websites on search engine result pages. When you have more links, you will get a higher score but only if the links are from credible and relevant sources. Think of who you are linking to and make sure they are all credible sources. When you also take time to create content that is interesting and engaging to your target audience, more people will want to link to you and this ultimately helps to boost your search rankings. High quality backlinks may be hard to obtain but they have a very heavy impact on your rankings.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

In this mobile age, search engines are also placing special emphasis on making sure websites are well optimized for mobile search. If your web pages do not appear well on different mobile devices, you will not receive top rankings even if you’ve invested in other SEO tactics like quality content. The reason behind this is that search engines want to assure users of direct connection to sites that offer the best user experience. Lack of mobile-optimization will harm your rankings and undermine the experience of users on your web pages.

Technical Factors

There are of course other technical factors that are considered by search algorithms when ranking websites. They include whether you’ve used h1 and h2 tags within your content and the anchor text on your links. It is very important to ensure that your anchor text is diverse and relevant. Don’t be quick to publish posts and pages on your website before reviewing the tags and making sure the structure is proper for SEO purposes.

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