Top SEO Trends That Dominated 2017

Constantly Evolving Search Engine Algorithms

Latest SEO Techniques

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. This makes it even more important for webmasters to stay on their toes. What may have qualified as effective SEO a few years ago may not apply today. In fact, if you continue with the old strategies, you risk facing a penalty or having your website removed from search altogether. That’s why we are always on the lookout for the latest SEO techniques while addressing the new challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities available so far.

SEO Trends 2017

Mobile Indexing

With the ever-increasing numbers of mobile searchers, Google is now making changes in its algorithm to favor sites that are mobile friendly. Since the search engine pays special importance to sites that have made an effort to give the best user experience, a site’s responsivenes will still be considered as one of the key ranking factors in 2017.

A few things to keep in mind when making changes to your site for mobile SEO include:

  • – Make sure all your resources are crawlable. Sometimes the mobile site may block certain types of content like images/videos or Javascript files.
  • – Avoid using flash on your website since it’s not supported by major mobile browsers. Using flash can block some of your content on mobile pages.
  • – Optimize your site load speed. No mobile user wants to wait for more than three seconds before your site loads. You can make simple adjustments such as compressing your images and CSS files to improve page speed.

Rise In Voice Search

Voice search is getting more prominence in 2017. First, you need to understand that people search differently using their voices than they do with the keyboards. There are tools that can help you to do proper keyword research for voice queries. Additionally, you need to focus on conversational content if you want your web pages to rank for voice search. Create web copies that clearly speak your customer’s language.

Local SEO Toronto

Location will still play a critical role in searches. You need to ensure that your site is properly set for local search. This is especially important if you run a local business. Target many reviews because they will impact your rankings. Encourage customers to leave reviews and never ignore any feedback given even if it’s negative. Sometimes customer can change their reviews because of a good response from the brand. Additionally, make sure your listings have information that is up to date. Review the descriptions and categories you’ve selected for your business listings. Make sure you also upload a few photos on the listings.

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