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Toronto SEO Services Will Help You Understand Your KPI & Evaluate Data to Drive Performance

Before acquiring Toronto SEO services, it’s important to have your goals outlined, both in the short-term and long-term. That way, the company you work with will be able to help you determine your key performance indicators for measuring success.

What are key point indicators?

KPIs are business metrics used to determine and evaluate factors that are essential to the success of a business. These indicators differ from one organization to the next. Examples of business KPIs include customer loyalty metrics, net revenue, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc…

The data you gather from the indicators will help you determine whether your current strategy is working or not. Having this information enables you to make better decisions for your company that are relative to your goals.

What types of KPIs are typical in business?

- Lagging indicator: this tells you how the organization has performed in the past regarding revenue, margin, cost, etc. This type of KPI is typically related to finances.

- Leading indicator: this is a performance indicator that can be used to evaluate current performance and to predict likely future performance scenarios, involving market shares, number of returns, etc.

How do KPIs relate to SEO?

The idea behind search engine optimization is to drive qualified traffic to your site for the purpose of purchasing products or paying for services. It’s also a great way to build your brand. The data that measures the key performance attributes includes visits, conversions, and revenue.

What if there is an issue?

When there is a problem with any of the aforementioned SEO performance attributes, you must identify the exact issue and fix it. For example, if your goal is to meet or exceed 20% organic search revenue growth each month, and the KPIs show that your goal has been met every single month except for the very last one, then something must have happened right before or during the last month.

In order to identify the issue, the following questions should be answered:

- Is the organic traffic down?

- Do the keywords I’ve been using have lower rankings now?

- Is the revenue decrease limited to organic search, or are other marketing channels impacted similarly as well?

- Is the performance problem specific to a particular set of landing pages?

- Has there been a change with my back-links? Do the sites linking back to me have lower credibility?

- Could any of the content, platform, or technical changes I’ve made in the past month be causing the problem?

- Has there been any algorithm updates from Google or Bing in the past month?

You should consider traffic and compare it to conversion rates. If traffic has been the same, or even higher, yet the conversion rate has decreased, then the problem lies somewhere between the visitation and conversion. Consider the changes you have made and whether or not they could be affecting the conversion.

Now, if traffic rates and conversion rates are both down, then it’s reasonable to conclude that the decreased conversions are caused by the decrease in traffic. You then must identify the cause of the decreased traffic, whether it’s related to keywords, search trends, PPC rates, etc.

It’s ideal that you work with a reputable Toronto SEO services provider so that they can help you identify and measure your key point indicators. Understanding the data will help increase performance in your business. 


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