Why Canada SEO Experts and Web Marketing Specialists Are in High Demand

Canada SEO Experts and Web Marketing Specialists

Internet Marketing And SEO Workforce

SEO and web marketing jobs are experiencing a growth across North America. According to a study from Conductor, the significant growth is primarily due to an increasing demand for these specialties. Canada SEO jobs are in demand as more and more businesses wish to focus their services online, either partially or fully. Not only is job outlook good, but salary growth is as well.

Canada SEO

Future Outlook

The internet marketing and SEO workforce is expected to still be in demand in the future. Another study, by Gartner Research, suggests that nearly half of all new internet serving solutions being developed will be generated from start-up companies. Start-up businesses need help building their brands, and require search engine experts to help them.

Web Marketing Specialists

Some of the most sought-after professionals in the US and Canada are web marketing specialists. These professionals are responsible for keeping up with the always-changing internet trends and being up to date with the latest strategies. They do everything from checking positioning and stats to helping clients build relationships. Web marketers with social media experience and SEO knowledge are especially in demand.

Account Managers

There is also a high demand for account managers with SEO knowledge and expertise. The demand for this position has more than doubled over the past couple of years, rising from 9% in 2012 to 20% in 2015. The salary has risen considerably as well.

Other in-demand SEO/web marketing positions include SEO marketer/manager, Analyst/Strategist, Coordinator/Assistant, and Director of Marketing.

Reasons for SEO Jobs and Salaries Increase:

– Many businesses cite that their #1 obstacle in the way of search engine success is lack of in-house SEO talent. They are willing therefore to spend more money in order to fill the gaps.

– Content marketing is at an all time high, and SEO goes hand in hand with it. Content does, after all, need to be optimized properly in order to be found by the search engines.

– Nobody relies solely on paid media tactics anymore. This is because internet users are starting to ignore ads all over the web, including Facebook. Some experts now call branded content on Facebook “wallpaper”. People aren’t even noticing it, and some companies are starting to realize that it’s a waste of time and money.

– SEO related jobs themselves are becoming more and more complex. It’s no longer enough to just do a bit of keyword research and help companies with on-page optimization. Now, the role of a search engine optimization expert involves mastering every aspect of SEO technology, managing budgets, doing demographic and market research along with keyword research.

Future Trends in Digital Marketing Jobs

Traditional strategies, including link building and article directory submission, are becoming less important, as Google algorithms are now more sensitive to attempts to manipulate a website’s back-link profile. Professionals who can handle a variety of specialized and broad tasks will have the best chance of getting a job.

Canada SEO jobs are primarily available in the big cities, although there will always be experts who prefer to telecommute. The great thing about this industry is that it provides so many opportunities.

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