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Power Of Branding & Social Media

How Do Top Ranking Sites Have So Little Content?

The fact that many top rating sites have such little content speaks to the power of branding and social media. Content doesn’t always mean a 300 word blog post. It comes in many different forms. Branding alone brings hundreds of thousands of natural hits to top ranking sites.


Big Brands

The truth is, big brands don’t have to work as hard as you do to reach their customers. They already have a large customer base and are able to grow it much more quickly than a small company would be able to. While building a blog for content or creating backlinks wouldn’t hurt them, they simply don’t need to put in the extra effort to rank higher.

Part of a big brand’s ranking is simply organic. Loyal customers don’t have to type in a keyword phrase like “dark wash jeans” to find their favorite jeans, they go straight to the company of their choice. This is a huge boost for big company sites because instead of typing in “dark wash jeans” the customer is typing in the actual name of the company and that alone gives them a huge boost in rankings.


Backlinks are also common for high profile brands. Big brands simply let their campaigning start an online firestorm. Once a fashion brand introduces their new line bloggers and enthusiasts start talking and the back-linking begins. These backlinks bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors because they’re being organically used by people who love and support a brand. Links added to a site simply because someone finds something relevant are called natural links. Bloggers especially add value to natural linking because of their large reader bases.

For big brands their influence throughout forums also spreads quickly. Forums work the much the same way as social media. The more people who share links and content about a specific brand, the more traffic that brand will get.

Social Media

Social media is another big link builder for large companies. When they utilize social media properly they can create platforms with millions of fans and followers. From these platforms companies create loyal customers. These customers help drive massive amounts of traffic to the site. Not only will customers visit the sites of large companies, they also share their favorites with their friends. This creates a snowball effect. Each time a company’s platform is shared with another person it has the potential to reach hundreds more. As links to a site spread like wildfire through social media platform, they boost social signals and grab search a search engine’s attention.

Don’t be discouraged by the rankings of big companies. When you provide valuable content, search engines can’t ignore it. There are plenty of SEO tools you can use to target the search engine traffic that’s going to help you build your business and climb up the rankings. Keep your message clear and build your brand. In the end the company that has a strong brand will be able to convey their message to attract its target customer base.

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