What are social bookmarking websites?
The basic principle behind social bookmarking websites is to be able to have your own favourites section that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, such online based services integrate the social component that allows interactions between individuals with the ability to view each others bookmarks. The various platforms available have their own individual add ons, such as category based browsing, rating the bookmarks, community commenting etc.

The key is the social component of managing and browsing content. Virtually, someone else, who you might even know, has found this content relevant. Often enough some sort of statistical information is kept regarding how many people have accessed the piece of content or bookmark with ability to comment and further share the relevant information, spreading it throughout the Social Web.

What are some of the varieties of Social Bookmarking websites?

Some social bookmarking websites focus on specific topics or types of media. For example, websites like Digg, or Reddit focus on news related topics. Whether it is politics, sports or business news, such websites would specifically target these stories. Also, further discussion of such trending topics and headlines is often engaged through blog-like extensions to the article posts. The ability to blog or discuss the trending article allows the community engaging a particular news discussion to share opinions, contribute additional details and thoughts, making such Social News websites an exceptionally good source of information. The ability to access the articles on the topic that interest you, while being able to view the online communities response and ranking of particular pieces is the major benefit of Social Bookmarking websites. It essentially creates a ranking system, with references for a particular subject or topic, making a conventional search engine somewhat absolute.

Nowadays there are numerous Bookmarking websites focusing either on particular topics or even formats of media, hence depending what you need it is all a click away.

Using Social Bookmarking for SEO purpose. 

Using Social Bookmarking platforms for SEO purpose is a popular method of optimizing your google placement, yet it can be extremely labour intensive.

The bright side is that it is free however. Creating free social bookmarking accounts and submitting links of the target website you are trying to optimize, is perhaps one of the core aspects of any Search Engine Optimization strategy. Depending on the Page Rank of the Bookmarking site, the created links carry various degrees of benefit for the target site.

Another positive benefit of such an approach is the free traffic your website will get once the links you have places become used by people who have visited your profile and or submission. Such efforts need to be done with attention to detail in mind. Your posts or bookmarks should be labelled and tagged properly in order to come up for popular search terms so they generate the sought after traffic.

A vital element of using Social Bookmarking websites for SEO is encouraging your users to re-Share your posts and content by adding Share buttons onto the content you post. This will encourage further spread and bookmarking of your posts. Which brings us to the essence of marketing online – Content.

The more engaging the content is, and the more useful information it provides the better response you will get. The content’s ratings, response and desire to share it further is strictly dependent on its usefulness and originality. Hence investing time in content is to be taken seriously.

Summary of Pros vs Cons

Amongst the positive aspects of social bookmarking is the definite favourable effect from bookmarking some of your existing web pages, and the impact it has on your SEO. This effort will effectively increase the number of back links to your content thus increasing your page rank. By carefully placing niche tags into the individual bookmarking pages, you can also increase targeted traffic to your website. General branding could be done through Social Bookmarking websites, i.e. spreading the word amongst the internet community about your product/ service. The fact that submitting bookmarks is free also helps, and makes this particular SEO strategy risk-averse. By contributing to the quality of content, there is a chance of your contributions going viral.

Moving on onto some negative elements of using social bookmarking as an SEO tool. First issue is the tremendous amount of time that it takes in order to properly use Social Bookmarking and see results from it. The need to submit comments in order to spark interest and discussion makes the task very detail oriented and tedious. Furthermore, each website for Social Bookmarking has its own ways of operating. While general principles are similar, it will take some figuring out to begin using each Bookmarking service to your benefit. Furthermore, with the service being free, it is impossible to control which links get placed at the top, thus guaranteeing traffic from being on the first page of results is a challenge. It comes down to having unique approach and content in order to outsmart competitors to really benefit from Social Bookmarking as a tool.

To wrap up, whether you decide to utilize Social Bookmarking tactics or choose another route, we at Nova Solutions will be more than happy to help you make your decision and guide you in the right direction. For more information on Social Bookmarking, and Internet Marketing in general, please contact us and you can request a free consultation!

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