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More than 70% of small business owners now use Social Media to power their brand. You must constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of social media marketing.









Social Media Marketing for Toronto Business

The internet marketing domain is constantly changing. Social Media marketing is no exception.

How can this type of marketing improve business, and what exactly is Social Media Marketing?


Toronto has a number of Internet Marketing  companies claiming to have the answer,  however few of them have the resources  and the infrastructure  to offer solutions to the cities vibrant clientele.

Social Media Marketing

Nova Solutions is your answer when it comes to social media marketing.

We invest our time and resources to make sure we not only stay in tune with the latest developments in the field yet constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of social media marketing.

There are a number of companies who offer user-friendly platforms to manage your needs for social media marketing. Toronto, just like any city has its own trends, social culture, and other nuances that make “one fit all solutions” ineffective. Toronto, for example, has a very culturally diverse population, it is a very trend-aware city, with high use of internet technology and social media. Marketing throughout Toronto, however also requires the knowledge of ethnic communities specific to industries, and townships. A marketing platform, made overseas or in the United States would simply not work.

Social Media Services in Toronto

At Nova Solutions we have a decade of experience bringing business to local and foreign businesses through various means, including, yet not limited to Social Media Marketing. As a Toronto based company we are fully aware of trends, industry-specific nuances, the geographical prevalence of certain industries, and other distinctions that make Social Media Marketing just that different.

Social Media consists of not only Facebook, Twitter and a bit lesser known Linked In; but incorporates other social platforms. Toronto is full of internet marketing companies, yet very few of them are offering Social Media to their clients. Owing to the fact that to truly understand Social Media, one must continuously educate the staff and attend conferences on Social Media. Very few business owners realize that platforms like Youtube, Stumble Upon, various blogging systems, and social bookmarking sites are a great way to generate business via social media. Youtube, for example, contains videos that, while do not sell products on their own, increase conversion of websites. Also, you can improve your SEO results, and increase the number of visitors to your site via the use of Social Media.

Blogs & Reviews

Toronto is also full of inquisitive and innovative people who blog, publish, review and spread information via Social Media.

Business owners can benefit significantly from this active and innovative community if they utilize the appropriate platforms to spread the word about their business. It can be difficult to see how the sales will increase directly via this use of social media, yet Toronto businesses we deal with see the results.

What Does Nova offer for Social Media Marketing?

The best advertising and the best leads come from word-of-mouth and guess what, this is exactly what socially active consumers research, discuss, rate and otherwise communicate on the web.

With the flexibility of targeting social groups based on a number of descriptive and quantitative criteria, Social Media Marketing, done by Nova Solutions has been successful with a number of businesses throughout the GTA.

  • Set up of custom ages for your company in the SM platforms appropriate to your industry.
  • Create, maintain, and monitor your online SM community with reports and briefs identifying trends, and sales opportunities utilizing Social Media Marketing specific tools.
  • Nova’s department for Social Media Marketing realizes that a Brand nowadays is a sum of all conversations and public perception, expressed increasingly through the internet. We have expertise and abilities to perform reputation management, and brand campaigns.
  • At Nova we utilize our business development strategies for social media marketing clients, that are focused on bringing in sales!
  • Contact us to request a consultation for Social Media Marketing that is based on real results, rather than empty promises and multiple SM profile pages.
Nova Presentation

Successful SMM

With the flexibility of targeting social groups based on a number of descriptive and quantitative criteria, Social Media Marketing, done by Nova Solutions has been successful with a number of businesses throughout the GTA.


The best advertising, and the best leads come from word-of-mouth and guess what, this is exactly what socially active consumers research, discuss, rate and otherwise communicate on the web.

More on Social Media Marketing

Social Media with Toronto based Nova Solutions

It has been around a decade that internet marketing has been around. With the spread of the Internet, it has become an invaluable part of any company’s marketing. However, as technological developments continue to modernize and change the world, an invaluable tool has come about to revolutionize internet marketing, social media.

Ahead of the Competition

As a Toronto based internet marketing consultant, Nova Solutions is continuously making sure that it is not only keeping tabs on the new developments in this sphere, yet does its dues to stay ahead of the competition and provide the most innovating marketing solutions to its new and existing clients.

Social media throughout Toronto and the rest of the world has played a revolutionary role in impacting our daily lives. As Social Media is continuing to augment the way people interact.

Blogs, Blog Reviews in Social Media

Your question is how blogging, reviews, the spread of articles and links via Social Media will improve Toronto-based businesses?

By spreading links, increasing likes, distributing reviews and increasing overall visits in the same geographical area, Social Media increases Toronto based visitors, who are potential clients. Furthermore, this increased activity in Social Media in and around Toronto area improves SEO results.

Just like the room on the first page of Google is limited and preference is given to older websites, same is likely to happen to Social Media. Toronto businesses being at the forefront of Canada’s economic development need to keep that in mind. Social Media for companies is rapidly becoming a key tool to stay at the top of the continuously maturing marketing game.

Why Us?

  • Power of Referrals – We utilize the power of referral through your social media circle.
  • Social Business Community – We create a social community around your business.
  • 2+ Million Likes – We have gained more than 2,000,000 “Likes” for our clients.
  • Social Commerce Pioneers – We are Social Commerce Pioneers, and leverage ecommerce platforms through Facebook.

Toronto business people, thinking not only of the present but of the future development should consider companies that offer the use of Social Media to generate business.

Nova Solutions is one of the leaders in Social Media Marketing for Business in Toronto, Canada.

Our Google reviews

Miguel Nguyen
Miguel Nguyen
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I own a small medical practice outside of Toronto and was in search of someone to create content and videos for my clinic. I hired a private video maker and it turned out just horrible. I spoke to some colleagues that have had video production done and they recommended the team at Nova Solutions. I’ve been working with them for a few months now and the videos they have been able to produce for me a different level. They make such a noticeable difference for my YouTube. The videos are very informational and professional, and they have helped so much with my clientele. I will pass on this recommendation to anyone in search of videos and marketing.
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
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Nova Solutions really transformed our website from something no one wanted to visit into something that was fun, informative and modern!! They really took us to the next level with their creative design and ideas. While we mainly dealt with Patrick, we were impressed with the dynamic of their whole team and the great camaraderie we were able to engage in. It was a really great experience overall and highly recommend their services.
Smthng New
Smthng New
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Nova Solutions is outstanding. I have referred numerous of my clients to them , with exceptional outcomes. As a marketing and branding consultant agency I am very pleased to be working with them on my clients web and social media presence. Highly recommended!
Sunny B
Sunny B
Read More
I am extremely satisfied with the Nova Solutions team! From the moment I walked in I knew the professionalism, dedication & knowledge would be a perfect help to build our portfolio. They have definitely brought forth valuable business leads to help our business grow.
Read More
These guys provide great quality work and service thankfully because of them I was able to hire employees and expand my business thank you very much guys
Stone Masters
Stone Masters
Read More
Professional team, fast,expedient. So far so good. Project still in progress, not complete yet. We will review once again once the project is complete.
Tri T
Tri T
Read More
Outstanding customer service and attention to client's needs - that's what defined our experience with Nova Solutions' team, while they run a successful PPC campaign for us. Very professional support team: ready to answer any question and provide guidance along the way. Pleased with the results - Noticeable increase in traffic!

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