Some Indications That Your Website Needs To Be Updated

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Indications That Your Website Needs To Be Updated

Website design is changing every day. You may not notice that the elements and features on your website are outdated because you interact with it every day. But your web users will never fail to notice the outdated styling or conventions on your web page. Perhaps it’s time to review the look of your website and make cosmetic changes that could actually boost your conversion rates. Start by looking out for the signs below.


Web-Safe Fonts

If you still have the Arial and Times New Roman fonts on your website, you need some instant upgrading. A unique and distinct font can change the look and feel of your website and quickly enhance your design. Try out a different font to give your web pages an instant uplift.

Placing All Content Above The Fold

Some website owners believe that users will never scroll down to see what’s below on a web page. It’s true that the most critical information should be placed above the fold. But you shouldn’t neglect anything that is below it. Stretch your website content a little bit and make sure the information is properly structured and scannable to make it easier for users to follow through.

Lack Of Adequate Whitespace

You need to embrace the whitespace. An open, minimalistic and simple layout is what most users are attracted to. Fixing every element or design feature to fill up every part of a web page can make it look distracting. Consider using a grid to give your web pages some structure. Always make sure that your design is responsive to give both desktop and mobile users a great experience.

Using Too Many Stock Images and Videos

Stock photos tend to make your website appear unreal. You need to invest in a local photographer / videographer who will take pictures of your business or products and upload them on your website. You need to establish trust and credibility by having your own unique content on the website and this includes the images you publish too.

Too Much Flash And Pop-Ups

You may have lots of offers and products to sell but forcing users to buy through flash players and pop-up ads may make them move away instantly. These elements not only have a negative impact on user experience but also can affect the site’s loading speed. You need to invest in design elements that work for you rather than against you.

Using Shiny Backgrounds And Interfaces

Shiny and brightly colored finishes on the website can be very distracting to users. You need to opt for matte finishes whether on the buttons, photos or other graphics. If you have to use the bright colors try and incorporate a subtle gradient. You can use simple textures that are cool without blinding the users.

Image Carousel

Websites are no longer using image carousels to convey their most important information. The average web user doesn’t have the time to stick around for 15 seconds waiting for the slides to rotate. You can replace the carousel with a single image or video with a call to action button.

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