Importance of Infographics in SEO

Ahhh, Infographics. That ubiquitous sweet spot between informational and entertaining content made possible by the Age of Content. Infographics allow webmasters and bloggers to condense large amounts of information into an interesting, easily digestible, and nice looking form. Through graphics, they have the power to transform raw data into useable, compelling, and sharable content, and are extremely popular for that reason. But are they right for you? Here we’ll go over some strengths and weaknesses of using them for your blog. Read on!

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Shamil Shamilov

After years of extensive “hands-on” marketing experience at large multinational firms, Shamil has become a valued partner at Nova. His strive for marketing excellence and his business acumen plays a vital role to new business development and client management. With an MA in International Conflict Studies under his belt, he is a master at finding creative solutions to the marketing challenges.
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