Retargeting – Increase Efficiency of Your Internet Advertising!

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Remarketing is the ultimate way of getting re-qualified customers back to your website with the intent of action. It is a fact that customers have to see your ad several times before they make their final purchasing decision. The effective frequency of your ad is just that- the number of times your ad has to be viewed before a final decision is made.

Remarketing, often called retargeting, allows you to display ads frequently to people who have already viewed your website. The way it works is that codes are tagged to product / service pages on your website so that the next time a customer visits that page they will catch a cookie which would indicate their interest in the particular service or product. As these individuals go about their browsing, they are places in a targeted group which is being targeted for the “re-marketing” of the previously visited web page through display ads. It is a tool to help you connect with these potential customers once they have left your site.