SEO vs PPC: an Ancient Debate!

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The continuous debate of whether to use PPC or go the “Organic” way, has been constantly on the minds of business owners, marketers, and just newcomers to internet marketing. While the Pros and Cons of each are often discussed and debated over. One thing is for certain the notion that double exposure brings more business unarguably carries validity; Yet what if you had to pick?

The fear, that Paid results will somehow negatively effect organic rankings, which is often or not reinforced with the assumption of overpaying for already organically achieved keywords, is widespread in the minds of many. This however does not make it any more legitimate.

While Organic results carry a notion of trust behind them and often have no “pay-per-click” cost associated with them, they are difficult and time consuming to achieve. Furthermore, with the presence of even mediocre competition, guaranteeing first three positions is difficult thus leaving your exposure in the visual range of the second screen. This significantly reduces visibility and thus traffic to the results. Additionally, in reality marketing efforts of 90% of internet marketeers are “grey-hat” at best, thus leaving your “organic marketing” open to Google Algorithm changes and penalties.