Are Simple Websites, With Clean Web Design the Best Approach?

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“Less” doesn’t have to translate to “boring”—minimalism is in fact sweeping the cyber-world, replacing many web designs out there that are cluttered with information, menus, advertisements and links. The busy look of cluttered pages creates an uneasy viewing experience, but of course, some sites are designed to prevent visitors from easily navigating their pages in the hope that someone will stay on the site longer, perhaps clicking paid ads whilst doing so. For any small business simply wanting to sell their services efficiently and transparently, the prudent web designer knows that this might not be the best approach. Minimalist web designs are best for the viewer who just wants to find the relevant information as quickly as possible.

Simple Web Design: Advantages

The first benefit to a clean, crisp web design is that it allows your site to have plenty of white space, which allows the visitor’s eyes and mind to relax, thus becoming more receptive and open to the information you want to provide. Also, white space allows important information to stand out without having to present in a gaudy-colored font. The use of white space in minimalist web designs, along with a few well-positioned attractive images, can make for some of the most beautiful websites.

Top Web Design Trends

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There are a few prominent web design trends that have emerged and will continue to gain popularity in 2014. The first, and perhaps the most important, is a responsive web design that is seamless and convenient for the visitor. “Mobile first” is crucial as smartphone and tablet traffic is beginning to overtake desktop traffic, which provides for huge market potential. Functionality and integration with social media is receiving a heavy focus. A responsive design is becoming a crucial standard and without it, Google rankings can be negatively affected.

A trend is also emerging to simple, balances and image focused web design. In short, simple design means that visitors can get what they need to without interruptions or complications. The concept of simplicity and focus with artistic balance is often referred to as Zen. A simple design will include powerful images, meaningful content and sleek navigation that functions with the purpose of providing the visitor with the information they need. It is often a challenge to achieve such balance of simplicity and functionality yet once flawlessly executed such design impresses the clients and visitors.