The 4 Key Elements of Landing Pages

We all know the importance of perfecting a landing page design to draw potential visitors in to turn them into new leads. We have come up with four different key elements of a landing page to successfully create a design that will help visitors to navigate through this page to inquire about your services.

No matter how you decide to organize your landing page it’s important to remember that this is the first page a visitor will see. We have broken them down into four key elements to ensure you have all a successful landing page!

The headers and Hero Banners

When a visitor clicks on your ads they are already making the decision of following through and accessing your website. The first thing they will see on your landing page is the header or the Hero Banner which is the most valuable real estate on your landing page. To have an effective banner you need to make sure that it has the following:


➤It should clearly show your branding and logo,

➤It should have a clean and captivating design to draw in the visitor,

➤And finally a headline or title that enhances and creates curiosity to your visitors.


As the header is one of the first things a visitor will see once it opens up on the landing page it’s important to add all of the necessary content. This provides the customer with enough information before they’ll take action to move forward through your website. Having clear and strategic information on the landing page promotes the visitors to continue through your website and also clarifies all of the services that you provide upfront.

The Layout

The layout itself reflects a lot on the effectiveness of your landing page. It’s important to be strategic while implementing information and designs on your landing page. The landing page should remain uncluttered and have an inviting design for visitors.


And finally for our fourth key element we have the landing page footers. Most landing pages do include footers noting any additional information you want to have on the landing page for example this could be legal information, links to pages such as social accounts or contact information and much more. We found that if you convert the landing page to implement all of these key elements the visitor should already be drawn in after reading the initial header.

Including these four key elements on a landing page will create successful engagement and curiosity for your visitors while promoting more traffic from the landing page to convert into potential customers!

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