What will SEO in 2015 will look like?

With the release of the Pigeon update, the long awaited updates to both Panda and Penguin that turned local search on its head, 2014 was quite the eventful year for SEO. With the New Year coming our way, what are some emerging trends and events that you should look out for relating to SEO in 2015?

1. Responsive Design

Responsive Design: creating a functional mobile version of your website that is optimized for use on those devices is becoming extremely important as the tradition desktop is joined by a number of other platforms as sources of content for readers. Clear and concise websites that are easy to navigate and minimize the need to click and maximize the opportunity to scroll is a must. Further, phones and tablets are no longer the only mobile devices to consider. Smart Watches will likely become more relevant in the new year and a good SEO strategy should take this into consideration.

2. Streamlined URLS

Streamlined URLS: this key point includes user and search engine-friendly keywords and therefore helps with ranking. Since URLs and links are the structural backbones of a website, it is crucial that they are short but descriptive. A long string of symbols make it hard for both search engines and a visitor to recognize what your page is about and therefore the page loses ranking or credibility. Long URLs are also appear confusing and spammy, so they should include keywords and be easily shareable.

3. Video Content

Video content: YouTube is often forgotten as the second largest search engine in the world and is also owned by Google. It makes sense that a website should have a strong presence on this platform. Visitors are also gravitating towards information being presented in engaging and concise forms and a quality video can set your message apart from others. Also, videos are readily shared via social media networks, blogs and can even be embedded in web content to complement written text. The more popular your videos become, the more traffic and conversions for your website. Videos have countless SEO benefits, making them a 2015 SEO strategy must.

4. Social Media

Social Media: key in today’s digital marketing world, a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few, is essential for your strategy in the New Year. By having these outlets to reach your potential customers, you keep your audience up-to-date, and allow others to share your business with a wider circle of people. The valuable connection social media can give others to your business can lead to a positive reception for your company once other media strategies eventually reach them.

5. Content

Content: content is still king in 2015 and Google’s number-one priority is to serve people quality, informative content. If your website currently does not have relevant and well-written material, it is important to correct that right away in order to avoid search engine pass-overs, and subsequent poor traffic and conversions. Serving good quality content is also important to lend your website and your company the credibility it needs to show consumers you are reliable and this could lead to more visitors returning to your website or staying on it longer.

Summary: overall, SEO strategies going forward should focus more on the user and less on search engines. While having your site optimized correctly is still technically a priority, but that will only get you so far unless you truly begin thinking about your audience. For example, thinking about things like a responsive mobile version of your site and useful content sharing options are key points to a successful SEO strategy going into 2015.

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Shamil Shamilov

After years of extensive “hands-on” marketing experience at large multinational firms, Shamil has become a valued partner at Nova. His strive for marketing excellence and his business acumen plays a vital role to new business development and client management. With an MA in International Conflict Studies under his belt, he is a master at finding creative solutions to the marketing challenges.
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