Having quality content integrated into your SEO campaign is essential to your position on Google rankings. This has been reiterated over and over again throughout the SEO community.

High quality content that is also search friendly not only allows your business to rank higher for a diversity of long-tail keywords but it provides valuable information for your potential customers.


Hence quality content does both, increases overall traffic through SEO benefit as well as improves conversion, since it attracts the reader and convinces them of a buying decision. End result, more business.

Websites that are set up to offer the most relevant and up to date information to consumers usually gain the most visibility. 92% of marketers say that content creation is either somewhat effective or very effective in the efforts. Also 76% of people who do SEO, invest a lot into content creation, thus it is seen as a primary tool for Search Marketing efforts.

If you’ve created your content right, you’ve created a solid base for all future SEO efforts.
So what is good content? Good content must supply some sort of demand and it must be linkable. In other words it must satisfy the demand for information that is prevalent in the industry. Further, this content should be shareable or linkable, so it gives others the opportunity to mention it or refer to it. This would provide better SEO results and thus bring more traffic.
If people cannot link to your content, it is less likely to get ranked, and as a result won’t drive as much traffic to your website. Content pages are the heart of the website, they are the reason that visitors come to your website and they should be linked to specific topics and be hyper relevant to the search query.

You have to offer real value to your customers through your content, something unique that they won’t easily find elsewhere. Quality content should create meaningful interactions with the users. As a company you should know if people are spending a relatively long time viewing your content in relation to competitors. This would be a good indicator of the success of your content marketing.

It is essential to keep content fresh and accurate because search engines love new content. Updating it will ensure that it remains relevant and on topic and will help to push your business to center stage.

It is not only important to ensure the content is relevant, but it must be written well, and not only from grammatical point of view. New search engine algorithms are constantly requiring content that is written for the human eye, and not just for search ranking purposes. Your focus should be on creating original content that is high in quality and not just limited to writing, but should include pictures and videos. Furthermore, search engines have a certain structure they prefer with long-tail keywords in mind.

Your website should contain both static and dynamic content. It should be hyper-relevant to a specific topic. This topic should be included in the title tag, URL, specified throughout the text, unique content and along with this it should link back to category pages and the homepage. Aside from good internal linking, you must ensure that the hierarchy of your website is reflecting in the URLs. This will determine how relevant your page is to the search engine.

Whichever way you put it, in order to rank higher organically, content is becoming more important especially with the release of Hummingbird update for Google’s algorythm. Good quality content should stress your unique selling point, differentiate you from your competition, and offer something of real value to your customers. If you add to people knowledge by providing them content that they can quote, link and share, that if your first step to quality content.

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