It has become an undeniable fact that SEO marketing is essential for companies to effectively use the Internet to its full potential. Drawing visitors to your website via search engine hits has become the norm, and professionals work hard to use search engine algorithms and patterns to prepare content that will put websites on the top of search engine results. As a generic practice SEO strategy is rather concrete, but if you are vying for global website viewership you must learn the ins and outs of international search engine optimization. The following 6 tips will serve as a good start as you begin to market your business globally and check things off of your international SEO checklist.

Research Your Audience

Before hastily publishing content articles, research the international markets that you will be catering to. To effectively employ an international SEO marketing strategy you must produce content that will draw in visitors, and every audience, country, and culture is different.

Localize Your Content

Arguably the best way to attract international visitors to your website is to localize your content. Publish content about how your product and services will be of benefit at the local level and do so in the local language. Research popular keywords in that country and use those in your content, and use target countries and languages to broaden your international reach within a region.

Redesign Your Website

If your company goal is large-scale international expansion, consider redesigning your website. Of course countries and cultures are made unique by their different norms and values, and oftentimes this translates to website design. Research website design aesthetic and navigability for your identified global markets and cater your international website design to these norms. Producing a website in the native language is also, of course, a great idea.

Consider a Local Domain

Many countries have their own country code top-level domain (ccTLD) that identify the website as being hosted in a specific country. If you are considering serious international business expansion, it is in your best interest to develop a local domain name for your website. ccTLDs set the geographic location for your site, and search engines are programmed to understand this and display results accordingly. If you have the time and resources to devote to developing content and building links on an international domain, a ccTLD will certainly attract more international visitors.

Establish Strong Links

To truly become a leader in international SEO marketing, you need to actively establish strong links to and from your website. Linking other local websites, in the local language, will establish your credibility with both visitors and search engines. If you develop a strong network of both inbound and outbound links, as you would with standard SEO practice, you will quickly witness a rise of visitors to your international website.

Seek out an International SEO Agency

If the above five steps seem a bit daunting, there is no shame in seeking out an international SEO agency to help with the process. International SEO consultants are professionals at helping businesses establish a strong rapport globally and can do so through designing websites, publishing creative content, building strong link relationships, and helping you host your international website locally.

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