Tips For Running A Local PPC Toronto Campaign

Local PPC Toronto Campaign

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

When it comes to PPC, Toronto businesses must adopt certain practices at the ideal times in order to achieve success. It’s important for you to review and reboot your PPC marketing strategies on a regular basis. Even if you are presently running a good campaign, the success won’t last forever. Trends come and go and strategies come and go with them. There are always improvements to be made.

Some of the best practices in pay-per-click marketing right now include:

Bid Management

In order for AdWords bid management to be effective, you must push down your minimum “first page” bid. This can be done by strategically and effectively organizing and grouping keywords. The keyword bids are closely linked to your spending. It’s good practice to have the ad display within the first three ad placements available. When the ad falls below the first few placements, increase the bids by 10% or so. When your ad is in an ideal position, adjust the bid at least once a week to make sure it stays there.

Regular Testing

Running a successful PPC campaign is a nonstop learning process. You can always learn something new through research and testing. Test ad copy, landing pages, and the correlation between both. You’ll also want to test out your landing page(s) on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Assessing the cost of each individual ad group within a campaign

Determine which ads work the best in each campaign. Pay attention to cost per action values, and whether or not an ad group is converting. Know when to pull an ad for good and when to temporarily pause it.

Doing market research and knowing what type of consumer you are targeting

It’s extremely important to know what demographic would be most interested in what you have to offer so that you can write ad copy that will appeal to that type of consumer. If you don’t even know who you are creating an ad for, getting conversions will be difficult. How can you offer someone a solution if you’re unsure what they need a solution for?

Creating winning landing page

Creating an ad that somebody will want to click on is only the first step. If they don’t like what they see on the landing page, they will hit the back button and visit another site instead. If the landing page takes forever to load, visitors will not have the patience to wait for it. Make it as user-friendly as possible and give people a reason to stay and make a purchase. The content of the landing page should match the content of the ad on which the user clicked. Add a call to action and provide reasons why visitors should take the action.

Identifying converting search term

Dig into analytics to find the exact keywords (both organic and paid) driving traffic to your website or blog. Google gives webmasters the opportunity to define certain conversion types as goals. Once or twice a week, add the high converting terms as exact and/or phrase match keywords.

Utilizing call extension

This is especially important if you’re running a local PPC Toronto campaign. Give mobile shoppers the chance to call you from their phones and make sure you are there to answer when they do.

Creating a successful ad campaign takes time, but by using these best-practices you will already be ahead of much of your competition.

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