In the competitive world of Internet marketing, few things are more valuable than using strong search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The SEO world is constantly changing, and preparing content that best promotes your website on broad Internet searches can sometimes be overwhelming. Everyone has their own strategy, but by focusing on the following ten SEO tips you are sure to improve your SEO returns.

1) Content must be your top priority for your SEO effort

First and foremost, content must be your top priority. Strong, well-written content will appeal to both search engines and your readers. When developing content, however, make sure it is focused and supports your website or company’s primary mission and goals.

2) Expand your SEO content

That said, devoting the resources to expand your content can be very helpful in drawing a wider audience to your site. Large libraries of worthy, unique content can put your website in position to answer a wider range of searches – ultimately increasing the amount of visitors to your website.

3) Keep website content fresh

Similarly, you should maintain your website by making sure you keep content fresh. Instead of adding a flurry of content to your page and letting it sit for weeks or months, add new and useful content to your website regularly in order to stay current and on the search engine radar.

4) Focus on quality writing and natural language

When producing content, focus on quality writing and natural language instead of the old-fashioned keyword plugs. Nowadays search engines will recognize how many times a word or phrase is used, and if that particular word or phrase is used too often search engines will often dismiss the content as poor quality rubbish.

5) Use long-tail keyword phrases

Like every rule however this, too, has an exception. Using keywords is still very valuable for SEO content, but to do so most effectively use keyword phrases instead of single words. Focused phrases have taken the place of common keywords and will help promote your website or company in both general and local searches. Further, it is important to find the balance between using keyword phrases too little or too often. Your keyword density (how often a keyword phrase appears in the text) should be between 3 and 7% of the entire text.

6) Use links effectively

In addition to high quality content and appropriate keyword use, the effective use of links can make or break your SEO return. By having a strong network of links to other web pages, you will attract more visitors while boosting the credibility of your site. Like content, however, make sure that every link you use has a logical tie to the content it is being linked to. Remember, by actively linking out to other websites, those sites will be more likely to link to yours in a cyber-symbiosis.

7) Get links from reputable websites

When seeking out links, get links from reputable websites. Naturally, being linked on a reputable site will improve your reputation as well. Looking at a site’s Google PageRank and observing where it appears in search engines will give you a good idea of a website’s reputation. Websites with a .edu or .gov domain are especially reputable, for obvious reasons. Being linked on these pages is invaluable and is a sure-fire way to improve your website’s credibility.

8) Seek out links from similar pages

Additionally, seek out links from similar websites. Being linked on websites similar to yours will validate that your site is indeed relevant on your particular topic. This also shows that your competition sees value in your site, in turn boosting your credibility – just don’t be afraid to return the favor.

9) Develop an accessible website

It may go without saying, but taking the time to develop an accessible website can do wonders in getting your page noticed. Readers will obviously appreciate an easily navigable site, but the easier your site is to explore the easier it will be for search engines to read and rank it as well.

10) Put yourself in the searcher’s shoes

Finally, when developing content and creating your site put yourself in the searcher’s shoes. How do you use search engines when you need to find something? Chances are very similarly to everyone else. Shape and reshape your content using the above tips in a way that makes sense to you when searching, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Here you have it folks, a summary of top SEO tips for 2014, for more information please do not hesitate to contact us for professional consultation and help.

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