Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2021

Are you looking for new leading trends in web design to give your website a refreshed look this year? In the web design industry, trends change and adapt to new society norms every year. At Nova Solutions we strive to keep up-to-date with these new trends and want to share with you a few of our top 10 favourites that can have a grand impact on your website’s design in 2021.

Light Colors

Firstly, using light colors has a huge impact on the appearance and visibility of your website. It’s often preferred to use lighter colors rather than using darker colors. The sharpness of the screen as well as the clarity can cause the colors to overpower and even be potentially stressful to the human eye. Adding those light colours to your web design will encourage users and visitors to stay and engage on your website page longer.

Negative Colors

Web designers have been implementing vibrant and bold colours as a way to draw more attention to the website design as well as to attract a younger audience by implementing those types of colour palettes. It’s been a very popular and effective way of keeping viewers engaged for years now and continues to be a leading trend in web design.

Black & White Illustrations With Textures

Black and white hand drawn designs have been in the journalism and web design industry for years now and over time these illustrations have had a great impact on web design. This trend that was once hand drawn by illustrators and cartoonists has made a huge comeback in web design in 2021 and adds a timeless and modern look to your website.

Creative and Atypical Product Photos

Using 3D designs and simulations adds a visual technique for keeping users on your site for longer. This trend remains one of the most popular ways to add more visual designs and content but in a more drastic way without being overpowering to your website visitors.

Collage Art

Collage art has been in web designs for decades now and continues to be the best and most effective way to showcase all of your content in one place without overpowering the look of your site. Adding solid colours, patterns and illustrations to your web design will not only upgrade the overall look but will also make it more inviting for users.

Seamless Surrealism

A popular trend of 2021 is adding a surrealist style to your already existing content and web graphics. Seamless Surrealism adds a new perspective and view on a product that is already existing but makes visitors see it in a completely different light. Using this trend will not only benefit the item that you’re showcasing but it will add a story behind the design which is particularly popular in 2021.

Playful Typography Effects and Animations

Using playful typography effects and animations on your website not only enhances the design but also draws in and keeps users interested and entertained while visiting your website. Creating a design that’s structured on shapes and different fonts is one of the easiest ways to complete your web design template and make your website stand out online.

Elegant Serif Fonts

Font styles for web designers have been changing and progressing over the years and it’s very important to stay ahead of new designs to keep your website looking up-to-date and refreshed. This is one of the easiest ways to update your website and keeps users in touch with the modern yearly trends.

Black Outline

Web designers have come to love using a black font or black outline in their designs. This technique has a very sleek way of adding definition and always has a very powerful impact on the engagement of users on your website.

Hover Gallery Menu

Lastly, one of the underlying elements of web design is the hover gallery menu. This very simple design technique adds an organized and simplistic look to your website that all users will appreciate every time they visit your website.

Web design trends change every year and as a designer it’s very important to stay on-top of these trends to make your website look approachable and engaging for your users. We love to share our top design trends yearly and learn new ways to upgrade any website look.

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