Nova Solutions Voted Top SEO Company in Toronto for 2019

Our recipe for proven results is simple and straightforward: We learn, listen, and do. By adhering to these principles, Nova Solutions has grown immeasurably since its inception in 2005 and driven clients to new heights of success through our design, search engine, and optimization chops. Ranging from lawyers, to medical professionals, to clients in mixed industries, Nova Solutions has developed a unique ability to deliver quantitative results that get our partners closer to their goals. Our team is exceedingly proud of what we have achieved, having completed over 1200 projects to date, and we are happy to share some exciting coverage of our success. Clutch, a B2B research and reviews firm based in Washington, D.C., has recently featured Nova Solutions among other top-notch conversion optimization agencies. Our listing on Clutch’s website results from an analysis of Nova Solutions’ operations, market presence, portfolio, and client testimonials, which speaks to the collective quality of our performance and services.

Numerous customers praised our efficiency and expertise, with one client, the office manager of a medical practice, effusing that “There’s no question that we’ll continue to work with them. They’ve taken a weight off my shoulders … We’ve been delighted to work with them. I haven’t seen comparable results with any other SEO firm we’ve worked with.” Another partner of ours, a criminal defense lawyer, highlighted the excellence of our team: “They’re always on top of their game, pushing me to move forward with what’s needed for the site … There’s nothing I can say they need to improve. Everything that they’ve delivered is exactly what I need.” Beyond Nova Solutions appearing on Clutch, we have also been recognized by The Manifest and Visual Objects, both sister companies to Clutch. The Manifest, an insight and news site that shares business wisdom, ranked our company among other strong SEO companies in Canada. Visual Objects, which curates and showcases portfolios, touted the savvy of our web designers.

We keep it simple: Nova Solutions learns, listens, and does all that we can to help our clients strengthen, develop, and succeed. With our range of SEO, conversion, design, and advertising know-how, the Nova Solutions team understands how to tailor our skills to a variety of customers and industries, and we look forward to continuing to build our legacy of success. Interested in working with us? Find us here!


Nova Solutions was also recognized by Clutch for its Services in Past

Market Leaders

At any given moment, millions of websites are vying to be on the first page of a Google search engine list when someone wants to look up a product or service. What can a business owner do to improve their odds of connecting with a potential customer?This is the scenario that makes Nova Solutions so passionate about being an expert at SEO. We know that the Internet is crowded and we want our awesome clients to get the attention they deserve. Fortunately, our hard work is paying off as Nova Solutions recently gained accolades from top technology research firm Clutch. We were just announced as a 2017 Top SEO Company in Canada on their Leader’s Matrix and we are incredibly proud of the dedication, innovation and expertise that our team brings to each project. Make no mistake, Nova Solutions clients feel the same way about the services they have received. Here are a couple of examples of how we have helped our clients and the reviews they submitted to earn us a spot as a leader in SEO:

“I work in a competitive field where generating clients is vital to growing your practice and reputation. I rely on my website and Google to generate a big chunk of my clients. I was struggling to grow in 2008 and asked my contact at another clinic about their success with a pay-per-click campaign,” explained a plastic surgeon in Toronto, Canada. “[Nova Solutions has] created several great website updates for me and different landing pages to maximize my marketing impact. They are great with change requests and content updates. I can contact them easily on Skype or phone, and they will change something within the same business day… They lowered my costs on PPC advertising, Facebook advertising, and my overall SEO budget. This is helping me make money.”

“We wanted to get more onsite patients by having a better position in organic listings. We also use pay per click, but our main goal is to rank higher in organic listings and make sure that the visits to our website are converting to appointments and information requests,” stated an office manager at a cosmetic surgery office. “Nova has a good grasp of present-day SEO and the Internet in general. They’re good at doing the things that need to be done in the background for you to advance in organic listings… We’ve been delighted to work with them. I haven’t seen comparable results with any other SEO firm we’ve worked with.”

Nova Solutions has been a market leader in the internet marketing, web design and SEO space, offering agile and dynamic solutions to clients in Canada. If you have recently joined the SEO space and looking to establish yourself as a market leader, there are some secrets you need to be in on. Aside from the already mentioned attributes, there are several other qualities that distinguish a SEO firm.

Market Leaders


A good SEO company understands that in order to gain understanding of client needs and gather insights from SEO campaign, analytics is key. Analytics helps you understand what’s happening behind the scenes, why it’s happening and what you can do to keep it happening, or stop it, depending on the intended outcome. Nova Solutions is committed to making the most of the data gathered from clients, in order to translate this into the best SEO experience for clients.


A great SEO firm handles a variety of clients, both individuals and business entities, and yet manages to respond to the varying needs of each with precision and timeliness. It does not matter how many years you have had in the SEO industry, your customer is king, and if they say jump, you jump. Of course, if there is reason not to jump, you have to communicate this clearly.


Two clients operating in the same industry can require completely different SEO strategies. This is something a good SEO firm is cognizant of. The ability to listen to what a client needs and respond flexibly by applying the appropriate strategy is priceless. Flexibility also means understanding that what worked for SEO last year may not necessarily work this year.


Imagine starting a SEO campaign with one manager and by the time you get done you have gone through about five managers. Frustrating, right? Right. A SEO firm that is committed to the satisfaction of its clients recognizes that predictability and consistency are key factors in keeping the client assured.

Open Mindedness

Open mindedness helps SEO firms pick up new techniques and tools, reevaluate their strategies and bring on board new ideas. All this translate into better positioning to respond to client needs.

The best recognition comes in knowing that your client is satisfied by the SEO work you did for them, and that they would not hesitate in recommending you to their networks. Of course, the occasional recognition by firms committed to honoring the best in the business also goes a long way in reinforcing the belief that Nova Solutions has the clients’ needs at the heart of its business. At Nova Solutions, we know that every project requires extensive team work between copywriters, marketers, web designers, SEO managers and most importantly, the input and communication of our clients. Together we have achieved this great accomplishment and together we will continue to strive to be a leader in the industry. These days, advertisers are everywhere. Brands are consistently placing themselves in front of consumers on Google searches, social media ads, billboards, TV commercials, and more. With a sea of marketing content surrounding each target market, it’s an immense challenge to make your brand heard.

The only solutions to this scenario seems to be to take a multi-faceted approach to every marketing plan. At Nova Solutions, we’re proud of our diverse range of capabilities that help our clients leverage our team’s skillsets and be heard by their market. That’s why we’re so proud of our second major accolade of the year on Clutch, a research firm based in Washington DC. Our recent feature as one of the firm’s leading Canadian advertising agencies comes only a few months after being named a top SEO company in Canada. Clutch’s research is an ongoing effort to represent the best and most credible partners in the marketplace, helping buyers identify the ideal partner for their business. The firm uses an in-depth methodology which takes into account over one dozen unique qualitative and quantitative factors, including each company’s service offerings, client lists, past work, and accolades. 


Our diverse capabilities have certainly been a factor in our recent successes on the platform. The Clutch team has spoken with some of our clients about our digital marketing and web development efforts. In both conversations, our clients have given us 5-star scores across the board. Here are some the highlights from our clients’ reviews:

“Nova Solutions manage our pay-per-click campaign and most of our social media postings, which is an ongoing process. They also handle our YouTube channel and have ramped up our presence in video blogs. They film and upload our videos, then insert them into our website and social media.”

“Nova Solutions worked continuously throughout the year to remove questionable backlinks left by our previous SEO company. This was a critical situation that was hurting us badly.”

“They have created several great website updates for me and different landing pages to maximize my marketing impact. They are great with change requests and content updates. I can contact them easily on Skype or phone, and they will change something within the same business day.”

As Clutch continues to expand their research, we’re sure that our clients will continue to speak highly about our services. To read the full text of the reviews and find out more about Clutch’s research, check out the Nova Solutions reviews on our profile.

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