What sets us apart From everyone else?

Direct involvement of each consultant in the various custom marketing campaigns.

Web design toronto companies are a dime a dozen, with Nova, As opposed to the status quo of the internet marketing industry, where a set range of products exist and are applied to all clients.

Or, a company that specializes in only one or two service offerings; Nova is structured differently. During the initial consultation, we will determine if your website needs only a redesign, an updating, or a full rebuild with a better structure and optimize for mobile friendliness. 

With an array of leading development staff who specialize in each of their respective fields as well as a team of highly experienced consultants, Nova uses each client’s campaign as a case study. With weekly educational meetings, each consultant can participate in each of the client’s campaigns.

Each client’s campaign is broken down into stages with long term, and short term goals. Our reviews speak for themselves, We at Nova deliver results. No excuses.

Internet Marketing Approach

Our Internet marketing services encompass diverse needs under one consultancy firm.

We develop exclusive solutions for our clients. With niche industries in our portfolio, Nova has developed lead generation campaigns for a variety of clients.

Whether Search Engine Marketing across the globe, Video marketing campaigns, multi-lingual Search Engine Optimization or a single page search domination, with clients appearing several times on the same search results page, Nova has delivered it.

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Website designer in toronto

How important is your website design?

The structure and design of your website is the first thing customers notice. This first impression, if positive, is invaluable for establishing legitimacy in your customer’s mind.

Professional quality website design can significantly increase the effectiveness of your website in its role as a virtual storefront for your company in converting your site visitors to paying customers

how important is web design
custom web design

Custom Strategy Creation – Web Design

We understand that each client has different needs for their web presence.

Some businesses need to make financial transactions, while others cannot quickly update their site daily. Whatever our client’s needs,

we believe in making sure that they have websites that complement their operations in such a way that boosts success and improve the company as a whole.

Many service-based businesses seek immediate visit conversion, and corporate B2B clients look for in-depth presentations. Others wish to combine the two, so our consultants are experts at identifying key elements vital to each type of web design project at hand. That’s why it’s crucial that your web design team understands this before proceeding. 

Let's Improve My Website


Website Development Workflow

Requirements Gathering

The first stage takes care of some housekeeping. You’ve embarked on an exciting journey, but you’ll need toRead More


The Design Meeting

This step is proactive and fun. Here our consultant, designer and client get specific about what the siteRead More


Design Theme and Environment Base set up

We’ll create a sitemap along with a prototype. Sitemap creation fits hand in hand with your design theme,Read More


Content Development- Design Samples and SEO

When Nova’s professional content writers get to work producing pages of original, customized content for you, our designerRead More


Event 1- Design Presentation

We’ll have a design review meeting at this point to talk about the look of your new site.Read More


Change Implementation- Content and SEO Population

Developers will build into the framework with meticulous coding and testing. This stage of the website development processRead More


Event 2- Alpha Release

This is a soft launch to prepare the website for public viewing and ensure our client can seeRead More


Design Changes

The SEO, analytics, design and function will be reviewed, and infrastructure for monitoring put in place. This willRead More


Project Sign Off

The day has come to finalize payment and hand off your completed project. You’ll have all your accessesRead More


Your Website Goes Live!

In the last step, we publish your stellar new website and run a final analysis throughout the earlyRead More