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Professional quality web design and well performed digital marketing strategy as well as social media marketing can make sure to significantly increase the effectiveness of your site’s web design in its role as a virtual storefront for your company in converting your site visitors to paying customers.



We understand that each client has different needs for their web presence. Some big and small business agencies and e commerce need to make financial transactions. Whatever our Toronto web design company client’s needs, whether it’s an online business, e commerce or social media marketing…

We believe in making sure that they have websites that complement their operations in such a way that it increases your online presence and boosts success and improve the company as a whole.

Many service-based web design businesses seek immediate visit conversion, and corporate B2B clients look for in-depth presentations. Our Toronto web design and development consultants are experts at identifying key elements vital to each type of web design project at hand. That’s why we highly recommend your web designers and developers understand this before proceeding.

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Web design and development companies are a dime a dozen, with our award winning web development company and web design agency, As opposed to the status quo of the digital marketing and social media marketing industry, where a set range of products exist and are applied to all clients.

Most companies that specializes in couple service offerings; Our search engine optimization, digital marketing services and web design company is structured differently. During the initial consultation with web design and development company, we will determine if your web design needs an updating, or a full rebuild with a better structure and optimize for mobile friendliness. 

With an array of leading web design and development staff who specialize in each of their respective fields, our Toronto web design company uses each client’s campaign as a case study. 

Our reviews speak for themselves, at our Toronto web design and web development company we make sure to deliver results.


Our Google reviews

Miguel Nguyen
Miguel Nguyen
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I own a small medical practice outside of Toronto and was in search of someone to create content and videos for my clinic. I hired a private video maker and it turned out just horrible. I spoke to some colleagues that have had video production done and they recommended the team at Nova Solutions. I’ve been working with them for a few months now and the videos they have been able to produce for me a different level. They make such a noticeable difference for my YouTube. The videos are very informational and professional, and they have helped so much with my clientele. I will pass on this recommendation to anyone in search of videos and marketing.
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
Sol'exotica Tanning Spa
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Nova Solutions really transformed our website from something no one wanted to visit into something that was fun, informative and modern!! They really took us to the next level with their creative design and ideas. While we mainly dealt with Patrick, we were impressed with the dynamic of their whole team and the great camaraderie we were able to engage in. It was a really great experience overall and highly recommend their services.
Smthng New
Smthng New
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Nova Solutions is outstanding. I have referred numerous of my clients to them , with exceptional outcomes. As a marketing and branding consultant agency I am very pleased to be working with them on my clients web and social media presence. Highly recommended!
Sunny B
Sunny B
Read More
I am extremely satisfied with the Nova Solutions team! From the moment I walked in I knew the professionalism, dedication & knowledge would be a perfect help to build our portfolio. They have definitely brought forth valuable business leads to help our business grow.
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These guys provide great quality work and service thankfully because of them I was able to hire employees and expand my business thank you very much guys
Stone Masters
Stone Masters
Read More
Professional team, fast,expedient. So far so good. Project still in progress, not complete yet. We will review once again once the project is complete.
Tri T
Tri T
Read More
Outstanding customer service and attention to client's needs - that's what defined our experience with Nova Solutions' team, while they run a successful PPC campaign for us. Very professional support team: ready to answer any question and provide guidance along the way. Pleased with the results - Noticeable increase in traffic!

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Knowledge You Should Know

Do Web Designers Provide Hosting?

Hosting costs vary on your website needs. Depending on the level of options and features along with the hosting environment type Web Hosting can range anywhere from $150 per year all the way up to $1,500 per year or more.

How Much Does Website Hosting Cost Per Year?

Hosting costs vary on your website needs. Depending on the level of options and features along with the hosting environment type Web Hosting can range anywhere from $150 per year all the way up to $1,500 per year or more.

How Long Does It Take To Make A Website Myself?

Building a website is a committed undertaking. An average time necessary to build a website from start to launch is approximately 12 – 16 weeks. You need to allocate some time for discovery and research of about 2 – 3 weeks, another 4 – 6 weeks for web design, note that time for web design as well as for other processes may increase depending on client’s wants and an additional 3 – 4 weeks for development process like search engine optimization. Make sure to tack on an extra 2 weeks for modifications and minor adjustments.

What Is CSS?

CSS (Cascade Styling Sheets) is a code that allows to modify the visual aspects of the web design. For example, it is responsible for controlling the colors, fonts, website layout and web design in general to make your user experience as unique to you and your regular as possible.

How Much Does A Website Cost A Month?

Website maintenance costs will vary based on the type of website and websites’ functionality. The frequency of required website changes and updates depending on if it is a smaller websites vs enterprise or e commerce websites will require their own scope of maintenance which can range from $250 – $4,500 per month depending on web design

Can I Design My Own Website?

Creating a custom web design for your site that will be a successful representative for your or an e commerce, large or small business however requires a combination of a few things; understanding web design trends and conversions, knowing your demographic, some coding and programming skills along with search engine optimization implementation. We highly recommend to enlist the help and guidance of a web development professional that will help you achieve your goals, save time by leading you through the process and maximize the results

Are Wix and Squarespace Really Are Free?

They offer great custom web design for small and online businesses that are new and are just waiting to get started. Each have a low monthly or annual carrying costs that vary based on your requirements. It is possible to build an award winning digital platform , however, the most important thing to understand is they both are like a leasing option for your website. You don’t own the designs and if you stop the subscription you end up losing your website.

How Much Does One Page Website Cost?

A one page website varies in cost depending on factors such as design elements, social media marketing, functionality, search engine optimization , social media content and etc. If you are using independent web designers or a web design agency the cost may range anywhere from $300 – $1,200 for one page website. A web design agency will always be a bit more when it comes to cost but you are certain to get much more expertise to rely on

Requirements Gathering

You’ve embarked on an exciting journey of web design and development. Whether it's a small business, e commerce or even a social media network. This is about identifying your business goals.  It’s also a first look at your vision and digital marketing strategy and social media marketing. Once you contact us a consultant at our award winning digital marketing and web design company will ask you what, if any, elements of your current site you wish to maintain. That may include text, video or social media content to retain and incorporate. Branding is critical at this point since domain name, and related words tie in with your logo, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and future content creation. Nova's web design specialists will ask about your colour preferences , theme, vision and vibe. Our web development experts will analyze what tone of communication your brand currently has and how you want to develop it.1

The Design Meeting

Here our consultant, web design expert and client get specific about what the site structure will entail.

Based on the requirements analysis, web design is organized in layers that let us test out various aesthetics as our web designers in Toronto create your responsive website.


Design Theme and Environment Base set up

Our web designers in Toronto create a sitemap along with a prototype. Sitemap creation fits hand in hand with your design theme, and while it doesn’t describe ux ui (user interface), the map helps us visualize a user-friendly framework to flesh out concepts before building. If you’re not entirely confident in one or more graphic design elements at this stage contact us, we’ll adjust and repeat the cycle until you're delighted.3

Content Development- Design Samples and Search Engine Optimization

When Nova's professional content writers get to work producing pages of original, customized content for you, our web developers and web designers in Toronto will be completing detailed examples for approval and feedback. We’ll typically begin with the Home and About pages, along with other elements that form the core function and web design of your site. Keeping in mind that the theme color and design.4

Event 1- Design Presentation

We’ll have a graphic design review meeting at this point to talk about the look of your new site. At this point, any outstanding items still needed such as social media, content or SEO Search Engine Optimization planning will be finalized. Be aware of the common mistakes that most web designers make! Feedback and change requests are received, and we’ll schedule a follow-up conference to evaluate when that’s complete.5

Change Implementation- Content and SEO Search Engine Optimization Population

Web development and web design experts will build into the framework with meticulous coding and testing. This stage of the webs development and web design process may appear slow or quiet from the client’s perspective, but this is where substantial, detailed work goes in that will eventually account for the form and function of your site. The content must be uploaded one piece at a time, and the functionality of e commerce painstakingly created and tested. Content writing and product descriptions often take considerable time depending on the volume of information to be communicated. It’s essential never to underestimate the value of tone used to speak directly with your audience when the headlines, text, and calls-to-action are created.6

Event 2- Alpha Release

This is a soft launch to prepare the website for public viewing and ensure our client can see it fully functional- laid out precisely as they want. Deep testing of the function and features while polishing any web design elements can all take place while walking through the site as a user, exploring every nook and cranny. Before it goes fully live, testing your web design in the production environment, focusing on user interaction and user experience (ux ui) are critical and will save headaches once you have your big reveal.7

Design Changes

The SEO Search Engine Optimization, analytics, graphic design, web design and function will be reviewed, and infrastructure for monitoring put in place. This will ensure that the website is not too text heavy, without sacrificing it's design. It’s essential to treat the delivery of a website as an ongoing service- one that will involve adaptation and continual optimization to ensure highest function and the best user experience. Feedback systems detect problems your end-users face. Staying up to date, eliminating bugs and security risks will all be part of the interactive exchange between analysis and implementation web designers and developers Nova Solutions provide.8

Project Sign Off

The day has come to finalize payment and hand off your completed project. You’ll have all your accesses and source files along with instructions and ongoing strategy info. Our award winning web development and web design company in Toronto will keep in touch and work with you to ensure you’re continually happy with your site. How easy was that? that's why you should hire a professional web design company.9

Your Website Goes Live!

In the last step, our company will publish your stellar new website and run a final analysis throughout the early days to make sure all is functioning smoothly and appears exactly as you wish. Still not ready to pull the trigger? Read some of the tips on how you can do some improvements to your own website at home10

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