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Choosing the Right FTP Client to Transfer Web Files

What you should know about transferring web files

An FTP client comes in handy when you need to transfer your web files from or to your web host/server. While most people will go for a free FTP client, which are most common, some designers and developers choose to transfer files using safer alternatives such as SFTP and FTPS.

When looking for a reliable FTP client, there are a few things to consider. First, you need to find out if the FTP client is secure. The data you are transferring from or to your web host/server needs to be encrypted and this cannot be done by a plain FTP. Hackers can access your data on its way to its destination and get a hold of your username and password during the transfer process. The best way to avoid this is by using an FTP client that supports secure file transfer protocols. Secondly, you need an FTP that has an easy to use interface. Some FTPs have a command-line interface which can be extremely difficult for someone who is non-techie.

We’ll take a look at 5 FTP clients below that you can use.

Classic FTP

If you’re looking for a free FTP client that you can use commercially, this is it. This one has a very simple user interface and comes with exciting features for managing your files. It is only available on Windows and Mac OS.


This is possibly one of the easiest FTP clients to install if you use Mozilla browser. It’s an add-on that allows you to transfer web files right within your browser. FireFTP is available on any platform that can run on Firefox. Therefore, you can use this on Windows, MAC OS, and Linux.


FileZilla is the FTP client that your website design company Toronto may highly recommend. It’s not just easy to use but it’s also very flexible and secure. Using FileZilla, you can transfer files simultaneously. It also supports SFTP and FTPS. This FTP client can be run on different operating systems. This means that you can use it on your MAC and Windows and still fulfill your file transfer needs.


Perhaps the most outstanding feature of this FTP client is the minimalistic UI. The simple user interface makes Cyberduck really easy to use. It also supports SFTP so it’s quite safe. This FTP client can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


This is one of the most powerful FTP clients for Windows. It has really cool features such as a built-in text editor that allows you to easily edit code. It is only available on Windows.

There are other FTP clients out there that you can use to fulfill your file transferring needs. It all depends on what’s most important to us: ease of use, complimentary features, and security among other factors. Two things to always consider when choosing an FTP client is ease of use and user-friendliness. If you’ve got cash to spare, consider getting a paid FTP client like Transmit that offers very innovative features.

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Do You Do Web Hosting?

Why Should I Choose You Over A Free Web Host?

Yes, we do offer web hosting services, and no you are not obligated to host with us when we do your web design.
There are however some reasons that you may want to host with us. Regardless of whether you host with us or not, there are a few things that you should be aware of when choosing your web host.


Beware of free hosting sites! These may be a convenient option for a hobby blogger or for a novice web designer who wants to share videos online with his friends, but generally speaking they are not a good option for a business. One reason for this is that many of these hosts put annoying banner and pop up advertising on websites in order to cover the cost of hosting.

These hosts also tend to offer limited space – not to mention that their speed, reliability and rate of service can be a big question mark.
When choosing a hosting site, you also need to think about the potential growth of your business. If you foresee a significant increase in traffic – and we hope you do – you’ll need a host that is able to accommodate that without making your site mind-numbingly slow.

There are three types of hosting. These are shared servers, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Shared servers are what you typically get with free hosting services. It means that several websites are hosted on the same server. As a result, these websites tend to be slower. This type of server is not recommended for business.
The second type is virtual servers. These servers are dedicated just to your website which means a faster website. This is a good choice for small and medium sized enterprises who get steady traffic on their website.

The final type of server is a dedicated physical server which is the most expensive option but also the fastest. This is the option most recommended for larger corporate sites or for sites that get a large volume of traffic.

Bandwidth is an important consideration as well in hosting. Essentially, bandwidth refers to how much data can be passed on from your website to your user. It is affected by both the amount of traffic that your website receives as well as the type of content your website has. Sites that have a lot of traffic and have many pictures and videos will use a lot more bandwidth that sites with a moderate amount of traffic and have mainly text.

As your website design services company, our experts can give you a good idea of the amount of bandwidth that you will need. You should also ask what type of support is offered. If you’ve ever had website or server challenges that had the potential to negatively affect your revenue, you know how important good customer service can be. Having the option to speak to a live person – as opposed to just a help forum – can be critically important to your bottom line. A quick response time for support services can mean a revenue difference of hundreds, or possibly thousands of dollars to your business.

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