What is WordPress CMS?

Plugins for WordPress CMS

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress CMS

WordPress has evolved considerably over the years, from a blogging platform to a content management system that offers everything you need for not only creating a site, but developing and maintaining it as well. Since it’s so easy to use, WordPress CMS has become more popular than other online CMS. Part of this is because you don’t have to actually download the software in order to build your own MySQL, Linux, Apache, and PHP setup. The choice to download this setup is optional.

WordPress CMS

The Use of Plugins for WordPress CMS

Plugins make everything even easier. There are thousands of plugins and widgets available, many of which can be used for CMS functions.

With a few added tweaks, you can:

– Turn WordPress into a fully customized content management system

– Reduce functionality that is unnecessary for your website

– Make content publishing faster

You will find everything from administration tools to tools that will allow you to define and manage user roles.

The Simplicity of Using WordPress for CMS

While the large number of plugins may seem overwhelming to new users at first, each and every plugin comes with instructions on how to install and use. Since designers are familiar with the WordPress system, the web design company you work with should be able to handle everything if you require assistance. The wide use of the platform and plugins means that there are plenty of helpful resources out there for not only beginners, but for intermediate or experienced users as well.

When using WordPress, you don’t have to have extensive HTML or PHP knowledge, as you would with other online CMS platforms. With a pre-installed plugin and template feature, the layout to the website can be installed easily, just by clicking on the installation function.

Community and Support

Since WordPress is used by millions of users across the globe, it has an extensive community. You can find any answers to your questions regarding CMS and plugins. There is plenty of support from both users and developers. It’s an open source community in which users create and share plugins and resources.

Accessing WordPress CMS

Since it’s available online and does not require any downloads (unless you wish to download the software), you can access and manage your content from anywhere. Your website and content are backed up securely on a server with multiple redundancies.


Using this CMS for your website means you won’t have to spend a lot of money. WordPress is free to use, and everything else you need is either free or available at an affordable price – particularly if you compare the costs associated with paying a designer and programmer to build your site from scratch. Most of the features are DIY as well.

If you want to work with a web design company in order to save time, many of them offer WordPress packages.

Now that you know about WordPress CMS and the advantages of using it, you can begin creating your website right away!

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