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There are a millions of people searching the web for services and businesses every day. Most of them are searching for local or regional results, and are clicking on Google Map results within the Search Results that are presented to them.

With Google controlling the majority of the search market, the introduction of Google Map results has made a substantial impact on the way people search. Local business listings often take priority in the search results and are displayed at the top or middle of the search page. With a physical location, telephone number, website URL and the actual map of where the company is located, Google Map results are often given preferences instead of natural or paid results.
It is apparent that having an optimized listing is essential to any business, especially those targeting local clientele. Furthermore Google reviews which are attached to the business profile allow prospective clients to read the experience of other customers, thus further drawing them to the Google Map results.

At Nova Solutions we realize the vital element that local search results play in the overall lead generation. Our experts have perfected the tactics of Local Listings optimization and On-Page Optimization of the website which goes hand in hand.
Our staff is able to make sure that the business map results are fully completed, and optimized. There are a number of elements that effect Google Map positions. From the basic completion of the profile to business address citations, we got you covered.

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Nova Solutions has also done work with franchises or businesses with multiple locations. We know all the ins and outs of setting up multiple Google Map results.
There a number of questions that arise during the process and glitches in the system that one at times encounters during Google Places optimization. For example how to transfer ownership? How to Claim an unclaimed listing? Or how to display proper Google Plus page next to the website URL?

We have resolved these for our clients, with the input of staff from Google My Business we are always able to achieve the necessary results.

With over ten years experience, we have optimized multitudes of businesses on local results. Having performed the process so many times we have encountered a number of key points that while small at first sight, make a substantial difference in the end result, which is exposure.

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