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  • Shamil-Internet Marketing
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    With a number of years under his belt in the business development departments of multinational firms, Shamil has enlisted the ranks of Nova as a valued partner. His resolution in setting the highest standards of professional service through devoted work ethic and efficient business practices has helped grow the business. With an MA in International Conflict Studies in his arsenal, he is a maestro at finding unorthodox, creative solutions to the marketing challenges.
  • Irina Internet Marketing
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    Irina is an indispensable member of Nova Solutions. She is the lady behind the scenes. Her role as an Office Manager is vital to day to day operations of the firm. With financial, administrative and infrastructural responsibilities on her shoulders, she is pivotal to the success of Nova Operations. Irina is also a certified Adwords expert.
  • anthony internet marketing
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    Anthony is the founder of Nova Solutions. His vision to transform the state of Online Marketing services in Canada was the driving force behind forming Nova Solutions. His leadership, experience and his steadfast goal of reaching the highest echelon of Internet Marketing Service quality is the defining element of Nova’s Success.
  • Nauman Internet Marketing
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    Nauman is a Senior Consultant of Internet Marketing who possesses the additional skill set of choosing various web technologies to craft solutions for businesses. He has lots of experience with mixing technology solutions that work hand-in-hand with internet marketing for small to medium sized companies. Nauman is also an e-commerce technology specialist, and has launched many successful projects that were comprised of tailor made solutions, coupled with strong online marketing campaigns; as a result these clients experienced drastic increases in sales from their virtual storefronts.
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    Anwesha is a project management and resource management specialist with extensive knowledge of all aspects of digital advertising. As an executive assistant of Anthony Novikov – Anwesha works behind the scenes, managing multiple projects and coordinating work between all the departments. With 3+ years of hands-on experience in film and television production, Anwesha is a great asset when it comes to the development of a successful marketing and branding strategy.
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    Kevin is a strategic thinker that can quickly evaluate and find creative solutions to challenging digital problems. Since 2001, he has been developing solutions that not only maximize digital presences but that also have the most impact on markets. Kevin is a Senior Consultant at Nova Solutions who is passionate about SEO, user experience and conversion optimization.
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    Mariam is a crucial member of the Nova team. As a full time content writer she is integral to both Website Creation and SEO campaigns. Her B. Sci. comes in handy when creating the engaging content which is at the backbone of our SEO, Web Development and blogging for both our Service Industry and Technology field clients.
  • Vlad Web Design
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    Vlad is a talented front end developer that's passionate about solving problems through clear & simple design. Specializes in HTML5 + CSS3 conversion and WordPress implementation. As one of the younger members of the team, he continuously strives to bring fresh bold ideas into Nova’s designs.
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    Stan specialized in software/application programming in George Brown College. He has been programming ever since he took his first computer science class in high school which has made him keen on solving programming related problems and his passion to learn new technologies has become his hobby. He proceeded to become a Junior Web Developer at Nova Solutions.
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    Having creative mind and challenging personality in the bag, Yura always strives to learn and implement innovative ideas, following along with the tech world trends. Being a Humber College Graduate gave Yura a considerable start and skills to fit in the team, making sure delivered projects not only work great, but feel amazing.
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    Vitaliy is the spirit and inspiration of our Web Design & Development Department. Having creative approaches to different projects made him an expert in helping businesses and brands to aesthetically shine. He follows his passion in web development and also stands out in idea brainstorming and problems troubleshooting.
  • Andrew Web Design
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    As a Senior Web Developer, Andrew helped create the standard for Nova's Web Design, Marketing Strategies, and SEO. He also helped create the guideline and frameworks that are followed by the Design Department. With a vast knowledge of UXD (User Experience Design) and a deep understanding of what works in the market, Andrew consistently delivers innovative and outstanding designs with every project.
  • Ains Web Design
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    Having been a student of the arts for almost all his life, Ainsworth Ellis enjoys new challenges when it comes to visual media. He has a strong background in illustration and photography which he brings to all of his web and graphic designs. Creating new and exciting projects is always his main goal.
  • Andrei - Social Media
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    Andrei is a new addition to Nova Solutions to take care of all pay per click and social media marketing strategies for our clients. Andrei is a fully certified by Google in all possible aspects of paid marketing, with more than 7 years of hands on experience in digital advertising behind his belt, he helps us to develop and manage successful, sophisticated campaigns for our clients.
  • Kristen Social Media
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