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So who should be using


In short, anyone who wants to generate exposure and leads on the internet should consider Paid search advertising as part of their strategy.

However based on your short and long term goals, seasonality of the business as well as existence of available funds, one is more likely to turn to Google Paid Search marketing.

Also certain industries have very competitive Paid Search Marketing. Usually this occurs in either seasonal industries, high ROI products or services or areas of business where there are large players who one is competing against. In these cases in becomes tricky to properly use Paid Search, however an experience consultant would be able to guide you properly and utilize Pay Per Click advertising that would yield good ROI.

So What Are the Benefits of Paid Search?

The first thing to mention is the ease of use and a short set up time. An experience and certified pay per click professional would be able to properly set up a very basic campaign in under an hour. You can begin to receive visits and leads in a very short time.

Also, the ability to pause the campaign, or run it in a particular time period presents an opportunity to be flexible in your advertising. One can only advertise during peak season, or specific time of day or a week.

Furthermore, Pay Per Click advertising can be customized to lead people to a particular section of your website and engage with a specific message which can be changes with easy.

A company can advertise on PPC for specific services and products with the ability to show up in specific geographical locations. Just as easy you can run a national, regional and even a global campaign.


PPC Management Vancouver

Below are some of the elements to think about that are a part of each paid search marketing campaign:

• Keyword research plays an important role in PPC advertising. Selecting keywords that would target the right type of clients, and yet as the same time have a reasonable cost per click is essential. The phrase Long-Tail Keywords comes in handy here. By typing in more specific and longer search queries, a potential search is much likelier to visit your website and utilize your services and or purchase your product. By putting more though in what they are looking for, a client automatically increases the likelihood of a conversion. Furthermore, these keywords usually have less competition and cost less per click, thus guaranteeing a higher ROI.

• Ad text, is the description of your services or products that goes into the add itself. It appears in Google’s Paid Search area and entices a searcher to click. These descriptions effect your marketing campaign greatly. A properly writer ad could entice 3 times as many people to click vs a poorly written one. Paid Search advertisers often describe benefits, features, discounts and include a call to action in their ads.

• Landing pages is a term used in PPC marketing that describes a page where a searches lands after clicking on the ad. So if the ad description along with proper placement made the click happen, landing page is a key factor to determine if the visitor will convert into a lead. By creating specialized landing pages which carry the message in a clear and concise manner without scaring the person from your website, an advertiser can significantly increase their chances of getting a lead. Furthermore, Google looks at the relevance of the content of the landing page and the time people spend on the page in order to determine the quality score of your Paid Search campaign. This quality score is a direct reflection of the cost per click one would pay for each visitor which could be reduced tremendously with a use of proper landing pages and ad descriptions.

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