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Social Media Marketing

Every business owner realizes the need for some social media exposure. The idea of generating likes, views and followers has been prevalent amongst marketing managers and business executives alike.

Truth be told though, very few will ever convert leads from their Social Strategy or use it to boost their organic results.

The Biggest Challenge is How to Run a successful social media strategy!
First of all, one must realize that the more niche your business is, the more difficult it is to identify prospects and convert them into leads. On the upside, there are a number of criteria by which one can identify target audience for their social media marketing campaign: age, location, demographic, interests, places visited, groups followed etc. Yet it takes an experienced and creative social media marketer to utilize these criteria and properly outreach to your pertaining client base.

Each social media platform, comes with its respective guidelines, account details and at times interaction with other social media platforms. Knowledge of how to operate all of these is vital to a successful campaign.
Anyone who has ever attempted to run a social media campaign themselves likely came to a realization that it takes up an enormous amount of time and with so many options of what to do it quickly becomes overwhelming. One cannot help but wonder if their efforts will result in anything productive and/ or effective.

Some fundamental steps to running a successful social media campaign for your business would include:

  • Identify which social media platforms are relevant for your business and engage your potential clients
  • Create and thoroughly complete respective social media profiles.
  • Get active and build an audience. Befriend people, join groups etc.
  • Post unique and interesting content which would engage and not bore your followers.
  • Interact and engage other users and their content.

Any business that is considering using social media as part of their internet marketing strategy, should be aware of 3 major purposes behind social media marketing.
One would be generic exposure and branding. The major purpose behind such a campaign would be to brand itself as an authority in a particular industry. By interacting with users, groups and associations, the company would post continuously content which would relate to their respective business. The end goal would be to be identified in peoples minds as a company that comes to mind in a particular field. This works great when a company provides or sells a generic service or product.
Another major task of social media marketing for businesses is to generate leads. Very similarly to branding, you would attempt to them convert your social media visitors into sales. Often or not you can perform paid advertising or run promotions, engaging relevant audiences.

Lastly, in today’s internet marketing world, social media could be used to positively effect your SEO and organic exposure. By properly channeling social media traffic, as well as tying social traffic to On-Page SEO, one can significantly improve upon their social media exposure while also elevating natural search engine results.

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