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As free do-it yourself-websites becoming increasingly common, it may be tempting for some business owners to design their own sites.

This is not recommended for most businesses for a number of reasons. Besides the fact that these types of sites generally do not provide enough space for most SMEs, they can also look unprofessional, being cluttered with unwanted advertising or not having the necessary functionality that your business requires.

At Nova Solutions, we tailor our websites to your needs – whether that means incorporating a shopping cart, implementing a search bar so that potential customers can more easily find specific products or integrating with your social media platform. Our professional web designers are continually updating their knowledge to stay current with the latest trends and best practices in website design.


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Our Website Design Approach

Building great websites involves hundreds of decisions however through our years of experience we have been able to refine our web design process to the following:


Gathering Information & Aalysis
​Getting to know the business, understanding your goals and assessing the competition is a critical first step. We look at the following:
Business goals, website customer target, competitive research & gap analysis, current site metrics “health check”.


Building the Blueprint for Success
Client requirements (must have; services, product descriptions, pictures, logo, legal, etc…), design brief, site hierarchy, site style, calls to action, conversion elements, etc… are just some of the necessary components require when building our plan.


Crafting the User Experience
We create an environment that communicates through design, imagery and content that compels users to not only engage with our brand but to contact us for more information. Compelling designs make it easy for users to find the information they are looking for while at the same time showcasing high value products or services for our clients.


Bringing the Design to Life
Development is marriage between content and programming that brings the design to life. At Nova we standout versus others having invested time, effort and training to cultivate designers who are also developers. This strategy allows us to offer better value to clients through manpower cost savings as well as project time compression.


Introducing Your Website to the World
Tools to optimize website performance are implemented after comprehensive testing to ensure functionality and security, your site is submitted to search engines to be indexed and officially goes live.

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Performance Tracking
Measuring and tracking key metrics can identify opportunities for further improvement.
Analytic tools can be used to track the impact from various internet marketing campaigns allowing for ongoing optimization.


Continuous Improvement
Websites and the internet are constantly changing with new competitors, marketing campaigns, changes to algorithms and web rankings.
Businesses must be constantly evaluating their online metrics to identify opportunities or to mitigate any negative impact on website rankings.

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