5 Website Conversion Optimization Tips

For Vancouver businesses hoping for online success, website conversion optimization is a must. Search engine optimization isn’t enough these days – your site must also be optimized for user experience. Even if you make the first page of Google rankings, you won’t make any money if none of traffic you are getting converts to sales.

If you don’t have an e-commerce site, you will still need to perform conversion rate optimization to get visitors to perform some type of action, whether it’s to sign up for your email list or call you. Whatever your goal is, you must optimize the site (especially the landing page) to get visitors interested in performing that action.

1. Always do A/B testing, even if it’s a hassle. When done correctly, it’s a very reliable method – if not the best. Also known as split testing, it gives you the chance to test changes to your site and to compare those changes to the existing version of your site. If the changes increase the conversion rate, keep them. If they do not, don’t keep them, and try out other changes. This method obviously takes time, but is well worth the effort.

2. Do cross-platform testing. Is your site user-friendly on all platforms in every browser? Tracking across devices allows you to determine whether or not your website is responsive for all users. If you are getting conversions with PC users but not with mobile users, then you know you will have to make your site more responsive for mobile consumers. It is also now possible to perform UI/UX testing.

3. Make online shopping a personal experience. Welcome visitors with a personalized message. You can make it so that each individual user seems something different when they come to your site. What they see should be relevant to the search terms they used or the ad they clicked on.

4. Consider video marketing. It had a large presence last year, and is growing even more popular this year. However, it needs to be used properly in order to be an effective method of conversion optimization. Have a web development company such as Nova Solutions produce videos for you. However, it might not be a good idea to use a video as the leading content. If you want the video to perform well, it’s ideal to use it as supporting content. Some experts claim that autoplay is a good idea and some claim that it is a bad idea.

5. User experience should always be your top priority. Put focus on it before anything else, and conversion rate optimization will follow. Think about what your visitors want when they visit a site like yours and design it accordingly. What is the very first thing a user will look at? What do they expect? How will they be able to find what they are looking for? What will compel them to perform the action you want them to perform? These are the questions you should always be asking when performing CRO.

Website conversion optimization is not going to be a fast process. It may take some time to decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Keep these tips in mind and start testing!