E-commerce Website Design – What is It? What Should You Look For?

E-commerce website design refers to any site that is created for the purpose of selling products online and accepting online payments through an online facility such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, etc. The product could be physical or digital. Some of these sites also sell services. Even if you have a brick and mortar store in Vancouver, you can still have an e-commerce site if you plan to sell online.

This kind of technology allows businesses to reach out to more potential customers. If you want to branch out to the entire country or even world, this is a great, easy way to do so.

Some common features found on an e-commerce site include:

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart or trolley is a user-friendly feature that lets the customer feel as if they are genuinely shopping. It should be designed to allow the user to take items out or put new items in. It should also “save” their order if they leave the site for any reason. When they return, the cart should still contain the same items.

Search Function

This feature is typically found on every page of an e-commerce site. It gives consumers the chance to search for an item or service. Some search functions come with options for filtering products by specific attributes such as colour, size, price, etc. It’s important that the search function be as easy to use as possible, as effective website search means better usability. You will want potential customers to find what they’re looking for very quickly.

Special Promotions

Online stores almost always have some sort of promotion going on. Offering special discount codes to customers gives them an incentive to buy. It’s important that your checkout facility allows them to enter the code and applies the discount accordingly. More advanced checkout facilities will apply the discount automatically when the customer clicks on the offer.

Credit Card Logos

An e-commerce site must include logos of the payment types they accept, usually these are located on the bottom of the page. Let your consumers know that they can make purchases in a variety of ways, including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, etc.

Product Showcasing

The ideal website provider will give you the ability to control everything about your products, from customization to showcasing. Which product(s) are you going to promote on the home page? Ideally, you should showcase the promotional products that involve the coupon code.

Choosing e-commerce Site Provider

Work with a web design company like Nova Solutions that offers a custom template to each client rather than a generic template to everyone. It’s also ideal that you work with a company that can guarantee security. Security should be one of your top considerations since you are asking consumers to use their private information in order to buy from you. Another factor to consider is support.

You should be able to expect top-notch support, 24/7. Whenever you need help or have any questions, your provider should be there to give you the best support and answers.

Now that you know what to look for, started with an e-commerce website design for your Vancouver business today!