How Long Does Building A Website Take?

Businesses in Vancouver are always asking questions such as “how long does building a website take?” There is no specific answer to this question since every website is different and has different requirements. Even after its initial launch, a site still requires regular updates. It could even be said that building a website is a never-ending process.

Starting from scratch, it takes a minimum of four weeks for a site to be ready enough for an official launch. Depending on the size of the site and the requirements of the company, it could take months for it to be built.

Why does it take so long?

Unique websites require a great deal of creativity. It takes hours and hours just to come up with ideas. From there, it takes time to actually implement those ideas. Everything from the background colour to layout requires a lot of tweaking. On top of that, an interface must be built. A lot of testing is required to ensure that the site is compatible with PCs, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

If you require more development services, such as content creation and SEO marketing, the site will take more time to build.

Is there a way to speed the process up?

If you work with a good company like Nova Solutions, there will be multiple experts all working on your site at the same time. The marketing experts, SEO experts, content developers, programmers, etc… will be working on every aspect of your site as a large team.

You might also be able to save time if you already have some content prepared, or at least have a content plan put in place. However, it may require editing by the SEO experts and copywriters before the site is ready to be launched. The building process will come to a screeching halt if there is no content to work with.

Good communication will help speed up the process. Make sure the programmers and developers know exactly what you want and hope to achieve with the site. Be there to answer them whenever they have questions that will give them a better understanding of how the website should be built.

Other Considerations

The site’s architecture still requires a great deal of time. The process can take around 40 hours, and it’s not done all at once. This involves organizing the site’s information and building wireframes and a site map. The web company must decide on the best way to organize all of the content for maximum engagement.

The size and complexity of the site plays a role in how long it takes to build and design. The more pages you require, the longer the process will take.

Updates and Maintenance

Just because the website is ready to be launched doesn’t mean it is “finished”. It will still require regular updates as technology evolves. A template that was designed ten years ago won’t be compatible with today’s smart phones and tablets unless it’s updated. A template designed today will probably need to be updated to work effectively ten years from now. This is why it’s important to work with a Vancouver web development company you can rely on.