How Much Should Web Design Cost?

Business owners in Vancouver will find that there is no specific answer to the question “How much should web design cost?” This is because the cost varies a great deal depending on the size of the business, size of the site, site requirements, web design company rates, whether or not additional development services are needed, etc.

A simple, first-time website for a new business might only cost a few thousand dollars, since it probably won’t require many pages. As your business grows, however, so will your website requirements. You might only need a layout now, but at some point, you will need SEO services and more advanced features.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to web design costs:

– One factor that affects the cost of a website is whether or not the job is going to be outsourced. Some web design companies outsource many of their design jobs to save money. An established firm with in-house designers might charge more. However, the latter option is ideal since there is no guarantee that the outsourced work will be all that great. Remember, just like anything, you get what you pay for in web design.

– The uniqueness of the design plays a role in the cost. Some companies offer templates for very cheap or even free. Unfortunately, these layouts are very basic and generic. Since they’re low cost, multiple people may use the same ones. Even if you’re just starting out, you should still opt for a custom design. It may cost more, but its uniqueness will make your site stand out more.

– If you want a well-designed site with features such as a Content Management System, you can expect to pay more. This is because functionality is just as important as the layout itself. You will receive the ability to manage and update the content yourself if you need.

– The more pages a website needs, the more it will cost. Also, expect to pay more if you need the content developed for you. If you are unable to develop or produce high-quality content, it’s best to work with a company that offers development services along with design services.

– Mobility and responsiveness are extremely important this day and age. The problem with cheap, generic templates is that they might not be viewable on every type of display. Websites must be designed not just for PCs, but for mobile phones and tablets as well. They should be user-friendly for every type of visitor. Search engines now factor in the responsiveness of a website for rankings purposes.

– Unless you are running an enterprise and require huge, complex website with thousands of pages, you won’t need a six-figure website. The most you would need for the time being is a medium-sized e-commerce site.

Some companies may charge by the hour and some offer various packages with different pricing. You probably won’t receive an exact quote right away – especially if you are after a custom design. A reliable web design company such as Nova Solutions in Vancouver will help you understand all of your options.