Looking for Colour in a Vancouver Website Design Company

When you click through a number of websites, try to recall what breaks your stride, and makes you pause. Chances are good that what will keep your attention is either a gripping headline or colour. For someone looking for help from a Vancouver website design company, this doesn’t mean each page of a website needs to dazzle the senses. The use of colour can give the pages of a website a professional, but stunning appearance. Capturing the eye of a visitor is an invitation to stay, and see more.

One of the First Questions to Ask

When looking into either creating a website, or redesigning an older site, any Vancouver website design company is usually happy to discuss the business aspects of their services. Colour is often an overlooked topic, however. Having the appropriate colour combination in a website’s design is a key element in how long someone will remain on a page. While this is a known factor in advertising and business its effect on website traffic is unfortunately neglected by those who don’t appreciate how quickly online traffic can move away from a site.

A Little Colour Goes a Long Way

A website is more versatile as a tool than simply acting as a vehicle for advertising. Like an ad, a website must first “sell” itself to a visitor in order to promote the business it represents. Advertising mediums use colour understanding that psychologists have found people are susceptible first on a conscious level, and then on a subconscious level to impressions based on colour. An experienced web design company, will know that over 50% of those browsing the web will remain or leave a paged based on whether the colours appeal to them.

More Than Meets the Eye

Experience also plays a role in whether or not a design company is capable of matching a colour to specific product or service. For example, when thinking about lawn care the first colour most people think of is green. For this same site, some visitors might subconsciously reject the colours black, brown, gray, or deep yellows as these are the colours associated with lawn care problems. This is an easily overlooked situation which could undermine a site’s potential. There is no way to estimate whether a product or information is meeting with less interest based on elements such as colour. Having a professional designer revamp or update a site’s colour base has the potential of attracting more visitors.

Using Colour Successfully

Along with knowing which colours to use for a certain page, a Vancouver web design company will also have experience using colour tastefully and artistically. Specifications for a website should line up successfully with the types of elements used – including colour. Background colour shouldn’t clash with fonts or headline shades. Visitors should find their eyes attracted to important information, but this influence shouldn’t be obvious. Above all, the colours should also add to the professional image of the website. Glaring colours or overstated fonts often have the opposite effect and distract the visitor from the site’s content.