Making Choices About Website Design

Making a good investment choice is often a matter of overlooking what at first seems easiest. A website designed from a template will usually be quicker and less costly than a custom design, but it may not give you all the features or uniqueness you will want or need for your business.

Among the most frequent errors that businesses make is to look for the least expensive option, while still expecting to see positive results. With so many selections in website design the simplest path will materialize as those promising fast results. While this may work for some companies, it will most definitely not work for all.

Delivery Times

Quick turnarounds are usually the result of template “ready-made” designs. Using a template for website design is often considered as a time-saving, cost cutting method of putting up a site quickly. Businesses, especially small enterprises have a need to save money. The question is are template websites versus custom created sites really a bargain? This is, after all, not just a tool for business. This is presenting your company, and its credibility to the public.

To know for sure, it is best to discuss your business goals with a reputable website design company. There are many excellent looking professional templates available, and there may be one that is well-suited to your company.

On the other hand, more and more businesses are trying to offer a unique experience to their online visitors and therefore despite having a quicker turnaround, they are better off having a custom design in order for their site to best represent their business.


Naturally, a custom design is going to be more work for the designer and will therefore be costlier to develop than a site from a template. If special features are required such as online chat or a custom shopping cart, this can add to the price as well.

Since templates are ready made and generally just require content with only a few customizations, they can be an affordable option for businesses just starting out or for those that don’t require many bells and whistles.

The Pluses for Templates

For those businesses who need to get a web presence but have limited budget or need for customization, a template does provide a ready-made assortment of layouts and features. With so many templates available, it should not be too difficult to find one that works for your business.

The Benefits of Custom Web Design

Most customized sites are more search-engine friendly, and easier to use, but in some cases website design will take longer. Understanding the need for efficiency, design specialists often dedicate their individual or design team’s effort to one project to shorten development time. The benefits of a customized website are apparent immediately as visitors seek the site, and as the business uses it. The infrastructure of the site is tailored to meet the needs of business, and coded to optimize visitor response. Customized site can have an exclusive one of a kind design that is the property of the company instead of pre-made designs used frequently by others.