The Growing Importance of Mobile Web Design?

A successful business knows where their customer base lives. In the office of many managers, there is always some new form of data not only regarding sales of the product, but also information on who is buying a product. The best way to make a connection is to reach out to the customer, or make it as easy as possible for customers to connect to the business. Mobile web design is another method of making a connection with those interested in a product or service. It’s also a method of safeguarding a company’s public image.

Optimizing Online

It’s uncommon to see anyone not carrying on type of mobile device. The sales of laptops and PCs has slowed, but the number of smartphones continues to grow. Even tablets and readers are not reaching the same level of attention as the smaller mobile device. Mobility, and a near constant connection through online communication has become the norm. Considering mobile web design when interacting with the public, is so important that major search engines recommend having a web site with this ability as it positively affects a site’s ranking.

Fit Every Need

The website that a person sees when visiting from a laptop, and the one someone using an iPhone views must appear the same. While the requirements of each device are different, using responsive design can allow for mobile website. A responsive design will ensure the site’s navigation elements, screen-layouts, and images are viewable no matter what device or browser the visitor is using. Even complicated elements such audio or visual players are workable in the various formats used by those entering the website.

Different Paths to Same Goal

There several ways to have a website work well for a number of different devices. The older method is to have an original website with a sub domain for a mobile version. Typically the sub domain will have “m” as prefix in the URL. When a visitor arrives from a mobile the device is redirected from the main site to the sub domain. Another way is to create the original with the elements of mobile web design built-in through the use of CSS files. In this method multiple CSS files with multiple options are a part of the site’s design. When visitors arrive through mobile devices the server determines what device is being used, and the specific CSS file option is utilized. This newer method is becoming more popular since it is more fluid and a sub domain containing another version of the site isn’t required.

Keeping Up with Your Base

As the public moves to smart phones and other mobile devices, the best way to remain connected to a customer base is through a mobile web design. It’s well known web visitors are more likely to do business through a website if it has a mobile option. It is likely customers and clients looking for a service will move to those sites offering what they want through the mobile options they need.