Website Design Ideas – What Kind of Trends are Award-Winning Sites Currently Using?

If you are looking for award-winning website ideas for your Vancouver company, then look no further than actual award-winning websites. Each year, prestigious web awards are given out to the top websites in a variety of categories, ranging from overall design to content structure. You can view the nominees and winners at the award companies’ sites. This will give you some ideas and inspiration on what to do with your own site.

Prestigious website awards include:

– The Webby

– Awwwards

– WebAwards

– CSS Design Awards

– Net Awards

– FWA (Favourite Website Award)

Some of the advertising award schemes, such as Addy Awards and Clio Awards, now also have a category for websites.

If you look over the categories you will have an idea of what the experts consider to be important features of a website:

– Navigation and structure

– Home/Welcome page layout

– Use of photography, video, animation, etc.

– Visual design and function

– Editorial

– User interface and experience

– Design aesthetics

If you look over the nominees, you will see that a lot of current website designs are neither simple nor fancy. They tend to have a lot of white space, but not so much that they look boring.

Some business websites have videos imbedded on the home page, and offer the user the option to play. It’s important to note that the top websites DO NOT make the videos play automatically. This is never a good idea, since some visitors may be using older PCs or might not have cable internet.

Circles are a common geometric symbol used on many sites these days. They are typically displayed as 3D buttons that are either clickable, or used to draw attention to a specific point.

The Use of Images

It’s very trendy to use high-quality, high-resolution photos as the background of a webpage. The days of using a few stock images here and there are long gone. Since users don’t like reading a lot of text, your image should convey some sort of meaning that is integral to your company. It should serve some purpose other than “looking pretty”. It should be noticeable, but not to the point at which it is too distracting.

Ideally, you should use transparent overlay over the image so that the visitors’ focus is shifted to the message without the image being hidden. Also, make sure that the image background is displayed perfectly on any screen size.

When using a photo for the background, it should only be for a one-screen page. If scrolling is involved, it’s better to use the image only in the header or the footer.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons are another website design idea you will notice with many award-winning sites. They are designed to be either semi-transparent or empty by default, and only light up when the arrow hovers over them. Many sites implement these buttons by adding colourful borders. They tend to be either button-shaped or box-shaped.

These are some of the most popular website design ideas that are currently trending. Look over award-winning sites for businesses like yours for some ideas on what your Vancouver company site should look like.