Website Support Packages – Do You Need Them?

Website support is extremely important, no matter what kind of site you plan on having. Any business in Vancouver should aim to have a strong web presence. This is only possible if you have a reliable web development company like Nova Solutions helping you.

Support packages are usually offered as part of an e-commerce solution, and involve more than basic customer service. Different packages may be offered for different levels of support. Packages typically cover starter websites, small business websites, blogs, and enterprise sites. A custom package may also be available If your website is complex and large, it will require more support.

Starter website support packages usually cover one site and include services such as:

– Basic site administration

– Telephone and/or email access

– Managed upgrades

– Break/fix support

– Plugin support

– Regular backups (offsite)

– e-commerce assistance

A small business package will offer support for up to three or so sites, along with SEO services and uptime monitoring. The bigger packages also include more support hours each month.

Keep in mind that e-commerce websites require a great deal of security support. Consumers are providing private information when making purchases. The average website owner does not have the knowledge and skills necessary for keeping up with the latest security technologies.

If you have a WordPress site, there will need to be regular version upgrades as well as plugin installations and upgrades. Third party software is used with any type of site, and will need to be integrated and updated properly. The third party software may include anything from the shopping cart to automated CRM systems.

There are just too many things that go into a website that require attention on a regular – sometimes daily – basis.

Some more services often included in large packages are:

– Regularly site accessibility check, which includes tests to ensure that your site is accessible in all browsers on every device.

– Traffic stats and analysis; the level of detail depends on your hosting company.

– Monthly or quarterly site health check to ensure that all links are working, as well as the shopping cart, contact forms, search function, and other interactive elements.

– 24/7 site monitoring to ensure that it is working and live.

– Product catalog construction and management

Full technical support

– Content management system consultation and training

– Support for Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Local Business, and other Google services.

– SEO content edits and revision.

Investing in website support packages will pay for itself over time. Think of all of the time you will save by not having to make updates and fix problems yourself. A number of things can go wrong with a website at any time, so monitoring and repair services are very important. One error, if not handled quickly, can lead to much larger problems down the road. Potential customers will no longer want to visit your website if it’s not functioning properly. Sometimes it takes technical experts to identify a specific error through testing.

When selecting website support, check and see what your current web development company in Vancouver offers. Since they are the ones developing your site, they will be the most knowledgeable about what kind of support it requires.