The average internet user watches over 30 online videos every month.

That’s average, some watch many more—think about your own habits and the habits of the people you know. Younger demographics tend to watch more.

Do you think it would have a positive impact on your business if your video was one of those 30? YouTube is estimated to have well over a billion users around the world. We have years of experience in producing high quality, entertaining, great-looking videos that have the best possible chance of going viral.

Video marketing isn’t just an addition or “extra” that you can tack on to a marketing campaign. These days, it’s an integral part of any successful marketing campaign—and if you aren’t doing it, you’re missing out on new clients, leads, and sales. Let’s take a look at video marketing in a bit more detail and why it’s a strategy you should incorporate into your overall advertising budget.


Is It Similar To A TV Commercial?


Yes, and no.

Yes, in the sense that you’re actively promoting your business with a video.

No, in the sense that you aren’t limited to a 15 or 30 second slot on television and that you have access to a global audience that can watch your video anywhere, anytime—and in most cases they’re choosing to watch your video rather than being forced into it between scenes of their favourite show.

Generally speaking, the most successful video marketing campaigns are capable of accomplishing one or more of the following things:

– Providing high amounts of entertainment value that inspires viewers to share (e.g., the famous Old Spice Smell Like a Man campaign that took social media by storm in 2010)

– Providing the viewer with genuinely useful information that can help them accomplish a goal—a “how to” or instructional video style is popular.

The former style can have more of an immediate impact, while the latter may not be as explosive in the beginning but, depending on the subject, may have more staying power. Ideally a video will be both entertaining and informative. Since you aren’t limited to a short time slot on television, your video can be as long or as short as it needs to be to accomplish this goal, but it’s important to remember that the attention span and time of internet video watchers is limited. We can help you strike the right balance.


It’s Not Just For Retail Products


It’s very important to note that video marketing campaigns aren’t only effective at selling products or other retail style materials—they can benefit any form of selling. According to some estimates, real estate groups trying to sell a piece of property can quadruple the amount of leads they garner for a home or other structure if the listing includes a video rather that only pictures.


Promotion Is Important


Just putting a video up onto YouTube isn’t going to be enough to see views and sales to start pouring in. While YouTube may have over a billion users, it’s estimated that over 48 hours of video is uploaded to the mega-site every single minute. There’s more content available than anyone could watch in a single lifetime.


What Does This Mean?


You have to not only stand out from the crowd, but you have to put in place a proper promotional campaign for your video as well. You might have the best video in the world, but if nobody’s watching, it isn’t going to help your business very much at all.

Let us help you create the perfect video and make sure that your target audience watches, shares, and responds to it.

Anthony Novikov

Anthony started Nova Solutions to change the state of Internet marketing services in Toronto. His mission was to build custom marketing solutions for each client, instead of using generic pre-packaged products. Anthony's passion for the business, his leadership, experience, and unwavering commitment to Nova's clients plays a great role in the success the company has today.

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