Recent research shows that more than 95% of most business’ total marketing budget is being spent on bringing visitors to their website while very little of the resources are being dedicated to conversion optimization. This means a lot of being done to attract customers to a website, but not enough to make sure those visitors actually become customers.

Why Conversion Rates Matter

It is perhaps surprising that many businesses do not realize that having an excellent campaign to improve page rank is in ways, wasted, if a poorly optimized page ultimately drives visitors away and a large chunk of money invested in lead generation is essentially wasted. SEO, PPC, and other ways of generating traffic to a sales page is only the first half of the battle—eCommerce websites should apply the following tips to product pages to improve conversion rates to complement their lead generation campaigns.

However, web developers are becoming aware of the successes of ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay, studying the layouts and features that help them maximize revenue generation.. Here are some web design guidelines that can help you improve coversion rates and turn those visitors into customers.

Keep the Design Simple and Focused

Clean and clutter-free designs allow your landing page to make maximum impact on the visitor. As soon as a visitor lands on the homepage, they should be able to immediately discern what exactly you business is all about and what kind of products or services they could find there. Focus on the products and display large, high-quality product images to assure your customer they are in the right place.

Incorporate Product Videos

In addition to text and images, videos are a dynamic and engaging way to explain the usage and benefits of a product, especially in the content would be complex or lengthy. Be sure to create and embed quality videos in the product page and optimize the videos before loading so that the page size and loading time does not hamper the quality of your visitors’ experience.

Feature Promotions on the Homepage

Discounts are often a reason for customers to be shopping online in the first place and incorporating them in the homepage of your site can create a powerful reason for a visitor to become a customer. Be sure to draw attention to the promotions by using differentiating font or colour.

Make Navigation Easy and Intuitive

You should give your potential customer a sense of direction as to how they will explore your website once they land on it. The path needs to be well organized and breadcrumbs provided so your users can go from one page to another without too much effort. For instance, you can keep the products under the right product category and try to design a drop down menu so different parts of the page can be accessed from any point in the website. A search tool also helps buyers find exactly what they need faster.

Make Product Recommendations

Sometimes potential customers may only have a general idea of what they are looking for and it is also possible that a visitor is returning from a previous visit or transaction. Make sure that you keep those returning customers interested in your offers by incorporating in your web design’s footer area a “recommended products” section. By keeping track of past purchases, you can make rational and attractive recommendations that will likely lead to further purchases

Keep Pricing and Shipping Details Clear

Customers appreciate the ability to know exactly what is entailed in their purchase from the beginning and will not likely be impressed with a website that keeps shipping fees hidden. If you offer “free shipping,” make sure that it is mentioned in the product page. The idea is to give customers the freedom to make an informed decision, which will be appreciated and may encourage visitors to become customers.

Design an Attractive Add to Cart Button

It is important to incorporate an effective call to action button that is noticeable and inviting. Make the button large, bright and before to place text such as “buy now” or “add to cart” directly on the button and not beside it.

Attractive Checkout Page Design

Create a user-friendly checkout page that will make the process easy and fuss-free for the customer. It will be a waste of all your previous efforts if the checkout page ultimate confuses or frustrates the customer. For instance, if there is an option to create an account, give your customers the option to sign up or sign in using their social media profiles. Also keep shipping detail forms brief and offer multiple payment options to make the shopping experience convenient.

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