What Does 2015 Have in Store in Terms of Web Design Trends

BTo recap the year that is drawing to a close, 2014 mostly gave the spotlight to web designs that were sleek, minimal, and aimed to maximize visitor to lead conversions. The simplicity and conciseness of the dominant trend from 2014 will not likely be scrapped in the New Year, but 2015 is expected to see more websites that will direct more focus on responsiveness and the way users interact with on page content.

1 Responsive Web Design

On the scene and in users’ minds for the past three years, responsiveness has become the status quo and very much expected from most websites. So if your website has not yet joined the party, you will need a redesign right away. Add it to your marketing budget now and plan for how it will influence your search engine optimization strategy in 2015.

If your website is already responsive, it is important to know that the variety of new media devices these days might require you remain diligent. For instance, phones, tablets, and desktop computers are no longer the only devises your website needs to be accessed on. There are also smart watches, TVs, and even home appliances that can now stream content from the web. This means the responsive navigation structure we are all used to will need to be sensitive to these new platforms and be aware of solutions as they emerge throughout the year.

2 Flat Web Design

This pared down and modern look has enjoyed popularity in 2014 and will likely continue to be embraced in the new year. With this style, content is the star of the show and visitors are forced to focus on what your website is saying, rather than the bells and whistles. The reader should be able to discern in seconds why they are on your page and how they can benefit. Investing in quality and attractive content goes hand in hand with kind of design and will be a necessity in 2015. Further, in line with the new emerging media platforms that will certainly change the name of the game in the New Year, this type of design is ideal for devices like mobile phones and tablets.

3 Ghost Buttons

Sometimes called “empty’ or “hollow” buttons, these are attention grabbing with their transparent look and sleek, almost non-existent borders. Paired with a very subtle hover animation, this design element is ideal for implementation over top of large background images and videos. They truly elevate the look of a web design and contribute to a design style that looks sophisticated. They are also functional, but creating a focal point for calls-to-action without being obtrusive. Often times, ghost buttons work with almost any design scheme since they are transparent. This allows the button to essentially take on the properties of the surrounding design and usually allow the visual element of the page, such as a background image, to become the focal point while offering subtle guidance to the viewer.

4 Scrolling – One Stop Shop Design

Especially with the emergence of mobile devices as a major platform for accessing web content, viewers in 2015 will appreciate the ability to see all a web site has to offer on the first page when they enter your site. The lengthening of homepages over the last year will continue into 2015 since it is now more intuitive for the user to scroll rather than click. Mobile users in particular, will benefit from the design since they would not be able to click through a jarring number of pages to get at the information they need.

5 Large Image Use in Website Design

Big beautiful images can anchor a homepage and create an aesthetically pleasing first encounter with your website. Coupled with a bold and succinct tagline, and ghost button call to action over a powerful and high-quality image can set your website apart and leave your audience with a positive first impression. Developers and hosts are recognizing the increased bandwidth required to load websites featuring large images. Expect to see new innovations that can accommodate resizing and image optimization to help you take advantage of this attractive feature.

6 Use of Typography in Website Development

Expected to steal the spotlight in 2015, typography that is simple and bold, combined with the large images mentioned above, will be on the list for most designers. Since content is going to be more important than ever, the emphasis on typography and presenting content in the most reader-friendly and attractive manner is a no-brainer. Expect to access amazing quality fonts that would have once been expensive to purchase. Now, designers have access to more reasonably priced quality fonts with web-kits and will be more accessible and widely used in 2015.

Summary of Web Design in 2015

Overall, 2015 will see the trends in 2014 grow and become more sophisticated, especially in the way they will be fine-tuned to become appropriate for mobile devices and non-traditional content-viewing platforms. The driving philosophy will continue to be simplicity and elegance with a focus on responsiveness that makes a reader’s experience and interaction with a webpage the biggest design rationale.

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