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The Biggest Website Design Trends in 2019

2019 web design trends include asymmetrical layouts, simple yet eye-catching designs, and engaging video backgrounds,
all while enhancing the user experience by improving speed and focusing on mobile-friendly design.

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Welcome Mobile Users

Since mobile searches surpassed desktop searches in 2015, it has become necessary to prioritize mobile users in web design.

As a result, mobile first web design is one of the leading trends, as it meets the demands of the growing number of consumers who do the majority of their browsing on their phones. This means designing a site which is user friendly for mobile users prior to creating a desktop version.

Mobile is First

The Need for Speed

Potential customers form an impression of your website within less than three seconds and approximately 50% of users will close a site if it does not load within this time frame.

This means that while website design is of the upmost importance, in 2019, speed should be your number one priority when designing your website, as no matter how eye-catching your design is, if it takes too long to load, you will lose at least half of your potential revenue. Thus, it is imperative to reduce your use of large pictures and videos which may increase loading times, particularly since the recent Google Speed Update prioritizes sites which load faster.

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Effective Shapes

Incorporating shapes is another popular design trend, which provides a happy medium for individuals who are not excited by the minimalistic nature of flat design or are uneasy with breaking the traditional grid.

Shapes such as triangles, circles, and hexagons can be incorporated into a wide variety of designs and when combined with bright, bold colours, they create an eye-catching design which is easy to load. Shapes can create balance and organization or establish visual hierarchy by quickly drawing the viewer’s attention to important details on the page. In addition, like colours, shapes are often associated with particular thoughts and emotions, which means that they can be used strategically to instil specific emotions or feelings in viewers.

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Innovative Strategies

While a grid system has been used for decades to create symmetry and establish alignment in web design, a popular 2019 website design trend is asymmetrical designs, which think outside of the box by breaking the grid.

Previously, web pages without a grid were viewed as sloppy or distracting, as they did not effectively focus the viewer’s attention to the most pertinent details on the page. However, when the grid is broken in a careful and strategic manner, it can effectively draw the user’s eyes to key features, while also creating a striking design that stands out from the competition. Planned asymmetry can be used to establish hierarchy while atypical placement and irregular use of colours, textures, and white space grab the reader’s attention.

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Video Experiences

Although the previously mentioned Toronto website design trends in 2019 indicate a preference for simple, quick loading web pages, video backgrounds are gaining popularity due to their ability to catch the user’s eye.

Videos grab the consumer’s attention and in most cases, users remain on the site longer to watch the video once it has grabbed their attention. One of the advantages of video backgrounds is that they can illustrate your point in an effective yet efficient manner.

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Micro-animations are also gaining popularity due to their ability to make a website more user friendly.

These small animations, which often change colour when the curser moves over them, catch the reader’s attention, while also helping them to understand how to navigate the website. For example, a “submit” micro-animation may change colour when the user clicks on it or a circle may become a checkmark, thereby rewarding the visitor for their participation and increasing the interactivity of your website.

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Taking Care of your Specific Needs…

Here at Nova, our team has worked diligently to ensure that each of our clients are treated with the utmost care in regards to their specific and unique needs—we take great pride in our ability to surpass the expectations of our clients through our attention to detail, quality and efficiency. With Nova Solutions, we ensure that every website will be custom built and fitted to the operations and needs of our clients to ensure maximum synergy and harmony between the company and their online presence.

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Internet Marketing Approach

Majority of people are not aware of the diversity of internet marketing services that a consultancy firm has at its disposal.

We pride ourselves at coming up with exclusive solutions for our clients. With the most niche industries in our portfolio, Nova has developed lead generation campaigns for a variety of clients. Whether it is Search Engine Marketing in another country, Video marketing campaigns throughout the globe, multi-lingual Search Engine Optimization or a single page search domination, making the client show up several times on the same search results page, we at Nova have done it.

What sets us apart from the competition – a direct involvement of each consult in the various custom marketing campaigns. As opposed to the status quo of the internet marketing industry, where a set range of products exist and is applied to all clients. Or, a company that specializes in only one or two service offerings; Nova is structured differently.

With an array of leading development staff who specialize in each of their respective fields as well as a team of highly experienced consultants, Nova uses each client’s campaign as a case study. With weekly educational meetings, each consultant has an ability to participate in each of the client’s campaigns.

Moreover, each client’s campaign is broken down into stages with long term and short term goals, hence each initial internet marketing service offering becomes part of a multi-level lead generation campaign with a combination of products and services that are the foundation of our web design.

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Custom Strategy Creation – Web Design

We understand that each client has different needs for their web presence.

Some businesses need the ability to make financial transactions, some need the ability to quickly update their site on a daily basis; whatever our client’s needs might be, we believe in making sure that our clients have websites that complement the operations of the business in such a way that boosts its popularity and ability to improve the business as a whole.

With service-based businesses seeking immediate visit conversion, corporate B2B clients looking for an appropriate and in-depth presentation, while some other clientele desires to combine the two, our consultants are experts at identifying the key elements that are so vital to each type of web design project at hand.

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Why Website Design?

The structure and design of your website is the first thing potential customers notice when they visit; this first impression, if positive, is invaluable in gaining legitimacy within your customer’s mind. Professional quality website design can greatly increase the effectiveness of your website in its role as a virtual storefront for your company. Whether you want to shock and surprise your customers, provide functional solutions to interact with customers, or simply showcase your product in a user–friendly manner, web design in Toronto can be made easy with Nova Solutions.

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Website Development Workflow

What are the Steps involved in the Development of High-Performance Toronto Web Design Strategy?


Toronto Web Design- a Step-By-Step Look at Our Success System

Do you know what goes into award-winning website strategy? Our local Toronto web design strategists have fine-tuned the process of building your site exactly how you want it to be. We’ll break down the steps for an inside look at the approach we take from start to finish. It’s a personalized and powerful way to streamline the creation of websites that perform with reliable efficacy and client satisfaction. Our clients range from corporate B2B, to service-based businesses. Their immediate site conversion or in-depth information presentation are vital to understand before custom-designing their websites. Some of the processes that stay behind the scenes are critical aspects of website development. Whether brainstorming, branding, preliminary info-gathering, coding, content creation or long-term maintenance; we invite our clients to be in on the process with us. It’s your creation- we’ll make it happen.

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Requirements Gathering

The first stage takes care of some housekeeping. You’ve embarked on an exciting journey, but you’ll need to answer a few questions before we can begin building. This is about identifying your needs and goals, what we have, and what we need to create. It’s also a first look at your vision and marketing strategy.
Our consultant will ask you what, if any, elements of your current site you wish to maintain. That may include text or video content to retain and incorporate.
Branding is critical at this point since domain name, and related words tie in with your logo, SEO (search engine optimization) and future content creation. A priority task at the first meeting is to gain a clear picture of your website’s purposes, the primary and future goals, and your website’s target audience. Not sure how to identify these? Not to worry- our digital marketing experts are here to help you clarify your focus and eliminate whatever doesn’t align with your strategy.
We’ll ask about your colour preferences, theme, vision and vibe. Our experts will analyze what tone of communication your brand currently has and how you want to develop it.
We’ll identify keywords to optimize for and areas to target with a streamlined SEO approach.
Further information we’ll gather includes competitor list, sales content, Images, media, written content, social media profiles, regulatory bodies, associations, groups you hold membership with, and client lists. Our team will also request access to existing servers, database, usernames and passwords.

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The Design Meeting

This step is proactive and fun. Here our consultant, designer and client get specific about what the site structure will entail, and how products and message will be visually represented. To crystallize the design phase and determine deliverables, we’ll use your information to create a digital sketch called a wireframe.
Based on the requirements analysis, design elements are organized in layers that let us test out various aesthetics. Here’s where you’ll be able to see menu examples, photography and font styles- anything that contributes to a cohesive visual impression.
The easiest time to play with possibilities and make changes is during this initial design phase. A series of mock-ups and adjustments will have you and your web design team in Toronto on the same page, ready to proceed with coding.
We’ll plan features on each page along with content to fill them. Clients may provide their own material, or our creative content experts will produce anything from engaging social media to stylish photo shoots and dynamic videography- bespoke.
Not just a pretty face…
Responsive design principles relate to ease of navigation, tabs, text and more. Our experienced Toronto web designers have mastered what not only looks slick but performs brilliantly.
We’ll talk about your competitor’s approach- what’s working and what’s not.
This phase allows us to get in your head, and you to step into our world. You’ll see the full scope of possibility that could come from the seed of your interests and ideas.

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Design Theme and Environment Base set up

We’ll create a sitemap along with a prototype. Sitemap creation fits hand in hand with your design theme, and while it doesn’t describe a user interface, the map helps us visualize a user-friendly framework to flesh out concepts before building.
It allows content orders to be created and redundant material eliminated, so we can see exactly where we’re headed with the sharpest efficiency.
If you’re not entirely confident in one or more design elements at this stage, we’ll adjust and repeat the cycle until you’re delighted.

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Content Development- Design Samples and SEO

When Nova’s professional content writers get to work producing pages of original, customized content for you, our designer will be completing detailed examples for approval and feedback. We’ll typically begin with the Home and About pages, along with other elements that form the core function of your site.

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Event 1- Design Presentation

We’ll have a design review meeting at this point to talk about the look of your new site. At this point, any outstanding items still needed such as media, content or SEO planning will be finalized. Feedback and change requests are received, and we’ll schedule a follow-up conference to evaluate when that’s complete.

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Change Implementation- Content and SEO Population

Developers will build into the framework with meticulous coding and testing. This stage of the website development process may appear slow or quiet from the client’s perspective, but this is where substantial, detailed work goes in that will eventually account for the form and function of your site.
We’ll register domain names and hosting, then begin behind the scenes infrastructure like databases, file setups, frameworks, and libraries.
The content must be uploaded one piece at a time, and the functionality of e-commerce painstakingly created and tested.
Content writing and product descriptions often take considerable time depending on the volume of information to be communicated. It’s essential never to underestimate the value of tone used to speak directly with your audience when the headlines, text, and calls-to-action are created. Our professional copywriters have years of experience in technical, medical and legal fields, just to name a few. We believe this is a valuable step and worth the time to be sure your content is compelling.

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Event 2- Alpha Release

This is a soft launch to prepare the website for public viewing and ensure our client can see it fully functional- laid out precisely as they want. Deep testing of the function and features while polishing any design elements can all take place while walking through the site as a user, exploring every nook and cranny.
Before it goes fully live, testing your website in the production environment is critical and will save headaches once you have your big reveal.
Sometimes, rather than bugs or errors, it can be determined at this near-complete stage that some small element or another would be improved if changed.
We’ll explore the site on various browsers to keep quality consistent through all mediums and platforms. We’ll be checking to ensure your desktop and mobile are fully functional with fast responsiveness and excellent user interaction.
Testing is vital, time-consuming and well-worth it. Every link, form, form, script or line of code will be tried out before the website goes live. Have you ever been frustrated with a site that doesn’t function smoothly or contains broken links? We’ll ensure your visitors never feel that way by putting in the required time during development.

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Design Changes

The SEO, analytics, design and function will be reviewed, and infrastructure for monitoring put in place.
It’s essential to treat the delivery of a website as an ongoing service- one that will involve adaptation and continual optimization to ensure highest function.
Feedback systems detect problems your end-users face. Staying up to date, eliminating bugs and security risks will all be part of the interactive exchange between analysis and implementation the web design team at Nova Solutions provide.

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Design and Development Quality Control

In this near-final stage, the changes outlined, and guidelines created in the last step will be implemented in their respective roles by the Toronto web designer and development teams.

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Project Sign Off

The day has come to finalize payment and hand off your completed project. You’ll have all your accesses and source files along with instructions and ongoing strategy info. We’ll keep in touch and work with you to ensure you’re continually happy with your site.

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Your Website Goes Live!

In the last step, we publish your stellar new website and run a final analysis throughout the early days to make sure all is functioning smoothly and appears exactly as you wish. You can review data starting immediately and see how well your site captures leads and sales for you.
There you have it- some of the most interesting and integral aspects of building your website happen in the initial planning stages when we create a detailed and comprehensive strategy.
Without the critical first steps and a knowledgeable, professional marketing team, you could run into unnecessary delays or a final product that veers far from your vision. We not only follow a tried and true system for delivering excellence but welcome and encourage client involvement at each stage because we know that your investment is much more than financial. You’ll build this with us and love your result.
Just ask our many happy clients!
For web design in Toronto- our team delivers the total package including peace of mind, from concept to delivery.
Our website designers boast technical know-how and marketing expertise. With 1000s of website design projects in our portfolio, we’re industry leaders, and you can trust your website to our strategy.

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Professional quality website design is absolutely integral to the legitimacy and effectiveness of your online presence.

Our website designers boast technical know–how as well as marketing expertise—they have completed 1000s of projects, giving them plenty of experience in designing attractive, customized websites that work on all mobile platforms.

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We offer conversion oriented business themes, as well as fully integrated e–commerce solutions varying in complexity for those looking to use their online presence to promote and sell their service or product to interested customers.

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Whether you and your business in Vaughan need a basic visual representation on the web for marketing purposes, or you are an established company in Toronto, and website design is next on your agenda, we can help. Unlike a “2 man development firm”, or volume based web design company “WebDonald’s” or creative branding agencies that focus only on uniqueness; Nova offers a different approach. Consult with us, and we will be glad to show you the “Nova” difference.

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