A Look at Some of the Most Popular Web Design Trends in 2015

A “Good” Website

What Elements Should You Keep On Your Page And What Should You Be Getting Rid Of?

Trends are always coming and going in in web design and development. Some stick around and evolve while others disappear with no signs of ever coming back. Since you always have to keep your website up to date, it’s essential to keep up with trends. Here is a guide to some of the current trends that are taking over the world wide web.



Sometimes good web design is all in the details. Microinteractions can be used for just about anything: turning a specific function on or off, adjusting a setting, interacting with a piece of data such as a clock or temperature, etc. Microineractions often come in the form of animated widgets or icons that engage users and help make the content more interesting. Well-designed widgets and icons attract user attention.

Full-screen experience

It’s not always about the little details, as many web designers are now opting for large images that take up the entire screen. For example, more and more webpages are featuring a “book cover” layout to provide visitors with a full visual experience as soon as they visit the page. The coding for this type of design is fairly simple as well, making it ideal for both computer users and mobile users. Some sites feature a full-screen image and some feature a full-screen video. The text and elements are kept smell and are placed to overlay on top of it.

Ghost buttons

Transparent and clickable items are a huge trend that have been popping up everywhere over the past year or so. These elements are created as a typical flat shape: diamond, circle, square, etc…, and feature only a simple outline. There is no indication that they are clickable until the cursor is placed over them. This design element is used to keep the layout as seamless as possible. Since the buttons don’t have filling or highlighting, they tend to be larger than the traditional clickable buttons.

More scrolling, less linking

You’ve probably noticed that as smartphones and other mobile devices becoming more popular, it’s also becoming increasingly popular for websites to be longer in length. It’s a lot easier for mobile users to scroll down a page with their finger rather than clicking on links.

No large header background image

A header background image was used in website design for many, many years. That trend is now declining in popularity, as more designers are making their headers background-image free. This type of design helps increase site performance and speed. It also gives them more room to display information to mobile users since a header background image will not take up a lot of the space on a small screen.

Custom photography

Using free stock images is frowned upon these days. While it might have been trendy a few years ago, it isn’t anymore. Now, even the smallest of companies are hiring photographers to take high-quality, custom images for web design. Internet users can tell the difference between cheap stock photos and high-quality images.

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