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Customer-centric Design

Ideas for Making A Good Website

These days, any expert will tell you that the ideal website has a customer-centric design. You can make your design as stunning and eye-popping as you want, but if it’s not designed with the user in mind, it won’t bring in any leads or conversions. While your site should be a representation of you and your company, it should still be made for the consumer. Put yourself in your intended audiences’ shoes and think of what they would want to see on your website. What would cause them to leave? Here are a few ideas for making a good, consumer-centric website:


Make it as user-friendly as possible.

Common factors that turn people away from a webpage include slow loading, crashing, poorly written content, unappealing contrast, etc. You only have a few seconds to draw a visitor in, and if you fail, you will have a high bounce rate. The page should load quickly and smoothly. The content should be well-organized. If it’s a product page, don’t show too many products to users at once. The page should also load quickly on mobile devices in addition to PCs.

Don’t put all the focus on the homepage – consider all possible landing pages.

Every page on your site will be indexed by the search engines unless you use specific coding to tell the crawlers not to index a certain page. This means that some pages might end up with a higher ranking than the homepage itself. Never neglect any page that a visitor might end up on, or they might not find the content interesting enough to continue on with your site.

Provide good readability and contrast.

Don’t use colours that are pleasing to you – think of what your visitors will want. Your design should not blind anybody. At the same time, it shouldn’t be boring. Provide good contrast and make sure the text is displayed clearly for easy readability. Also, don’t overcrowd the page with images and graphics. A bit of white space here and there is a good thing.

Keep content fresh.

Don’t just buy a domain name and throw a website up without ever updating it. People are always searching for fresh information. It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you are involved in – it’s your responsibility to provide visitors with all of the latest information. This doesn’t mean you have to update your site every single day. Once or twice a week is usually sufficient. A web page with outdated information won’t help you at all in search engine rankings.

Updates should contain information that is useful and helpful to the reader. Don’t just write about your company. Unless you are a well-known brand, nobody will care.

Encourage interaction.

Offer more than one method of contacting you. Encourage visitors to provide you with feedback so that you’ll know how to make the site better for them. Also, have social networking links on each page so that users can share information with their friends and associates.

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