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At some point, you’ve probably come across a webpage displaying the awards it has won. While there are many honours a site may receive, some are better known and attract more hype than others. Web design is a field that requires a great deal of hard work, technical knowledge, and creativity. What are some of the most prestigious website design awards?

Most Prestigious Website Design Awards


An international jury featuring some of the most renowned bloggers, designers, and internet organizations evaluates submitted websites with a strict evaluation system. The sites receive a score from one to ten for the following categories: content, usability, creativity, and design. At the end of each year, an Awwwards conference and ceremony is held in iconic cities across the globe.

Webby Awards

Referred to as “The Internet’s Highest Honor” by the New York Times, the Webbys have been around since the 1990s. Established by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences’, this web design recognition ceremony is one of – if not THE – most hyped events in the industry. Each year, there are more than ten thousand entries in more than 100 categories, ranging from web design to app design. Some of the organization members attracted to the Webby’s over the years include Arianna Huffington, David Bowie, and Matt Groening.

American Design Awards

Founded in 2000, the ADA is an internationally recognized independent design competition for web designers and graphic artists. The organization puts important considerations on talent, creativity, effectiveness, marketability, and general design abilities. Each year, ADA receives thirty thousand submissions, and holds semi-annual, monthly, and student design competitions.

CLIO Awards

The CLIOs have been around since the late 1950s. They were established to honor excellent in communication and advertising. These days, it has expanded to honor digital and web design accomplishments as well. They have been described by Time magazine as the world’s most renowned international advertising awards. Over one hundred judges from sixty different countries judge the entries. Less than 5% of the thousands of entries per year receive any type of statue. Of those, less than 1% receives the gold statue.

Favorite Website Awards

The FWA has been referred to as “The Web Oscars” by previous winners. The winner of the People’s Choice Award is decided upon by public votes, and the Site of the Year Award is decided upon by the judges. FWA was established in May 2000, and was the first internet award program to receive more than two-hundred million website visitors.

Other notable website design recognition includes:


The Addys were founded in 1960, and became part of the American Advertising Federation. Like the CLIOs, the Addys have recently begun to recognize interactive media. The interactive categories include consumer websites, B2B websites, podcasts, and online newsletters.

AD Awards

The Design & Ad Awards have also been around since the 1960s. For every 2,600+ entries, there are only sixteen winners. The most prestigious categories include a yellow pencil (silver) and black pencil (gold). Website categories include Photography, Interface & Navigation, New Uses of Websites, Sound, and Writing.

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