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WordPress has evolved to make the process of coming up with ecommerce websites easy and quick. Good thing with WordPress ecommerce themes is that they allow you to customize and design an interface that is absolutely unique. Whether you choose the free or paid version, WordPress comes with lots of features that you can tweak to create a design of your own. But first, you need to know what options you have when it comes to WordPress ecommerce themes. Let’s look at a few ecommerce themes that stand out for all the right reasons.

WordPress Themes


This WordPress theme is popular due to more than 250 pre-built layouts that look stunning for most ecommerce shop owners. Other than the ready-made layouts, BeTheme also comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to organize your web pages based on your needs. It has a powerful search tool along with features that make it easy to optimize the web pages for search engines and loading speed. BeTheme comes with plugins that are key in ecommerce websites such as WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast. The site can be kept in maintenance mode until it’s ready to go live.



Most high-end ecommerce shops use this WordPress theme due to its professional and minimalistic layouts and appearance. This theme is designed to attract online shoppers using very effective features such as newsletter pop-ups, highly interactive product filters and Google Maps integration that direct customers to your shop. This theme is one of the best ways to give your ecommerce shop a new and professional look for a reasonable price.



This WordPress theme is known to have exceptional customer support features. First, the theme comes with a user forum that has been incorporated to allow businesses to get feedback from the web users visiting their ecommerce shop. This ecommerce theme works by helping to bring back the consumer by maintaining a good first impression of the website. It has an intuitive and simple design and also offers lots of customizable options.



Another popular ecommerce WordPress theme, ShopKeeper comes with a large range of layouts and features that any modern ecommerce shop requires. You can even include a YouTube video in the galleries and products can be displayed with extra features like zooming and lightbox. The best thing about this theme is that it is easy to maintain and customize. No need to have coding skills to get started with ShopKeeper. The theme has rich headlines with easy to use drag and drop features making it easy for small online businesses to construct a professional looking storefront.



This WordPress theme offers a page builder that makes it simple to come up with pages even with no coding knowledge. Its layout and designs has made it one of the top selling themes with WooCommerce integration. Flatsome is SEO friendly, responsive and easy to keep the content up to date. Flatsome has quick loading features and should definitely be on top of your list if you are looking for a reliable ecommerce theme.


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