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Tips On Using Proper Typography In Website Design

You can use custom website typography to make a grand first impression on your online visitors. People will have a notion about your brand when they see a certain typography has been used on your website. Typography can instantly show the user what the brand is about. That is why it is important to understand what message you are trying to convey to your users when choosing typography. Typography has a great impact on what the user feels and experiences when the page loads. Your choice of typography will greatly impact on how users interact with your website.


This is a estate vineyard website that has been innovatively designed with remarkable typography. The text has been designed to bring out that vintage look and feel. On the homepage, the big text banner has a shadow behind that moves as you hover the mouse over it. The page is static but this hover effect helps to bring out a different look and feel. You can’t copy paste the text on the website since it has been embedded as an image. The major drawback of the design is that it uses heavy elements which tend to bog down the website.



This is one website that has distinct elements bringing out a very unique character. The brand is an eatery; and everything, from the hand-painted logo to the signs, has been carefully selected. The site comes with a fixed navigation so you can still move to other sections of the page after scrolling down. When you hover the text, it turns red, which contrasts the black background and is simple yet very appealing. The graphics are great however, its performance is not so impressive. The home page is 7.2MB which is a considerably big size if you want fast loading pages.



The website uses a very simple, large and easy to use typography. The website has plenty of space and breathing room to make every piece of content stand out. The minimalistic layout together with great photos make the designer’s work spectacular. This website would work really well when used to showcase a designer’s portfolio. Its layout is designed to focus mainly on the artist’s work and that’s what’s most important for a portfolio website.


Vintage Hope

This is a brand that donates money for less fortunate in Malawi by using vintage items. It’s one of those websites where you reach and feel happy and excited about everything you see. The design itself has a very positive outlook that clearly reflects what the organization stands for. We love the typography too. It’s like the logo has been hand painted and appears beautifully at the center of the main menu. You can call this design bold, exciting and expressive. It’s worth considering for charity organizations or a brand where you want to evoke feelings of hope, excitement and positivity when users get to your website. This is a true testament at how powerful typography can impact on user engagement.

Vintage Hope

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