Tips On Using Proper Typography In Website Design

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Tips On Using Proper Typography

You can use custom website typography to make a grand first impression on your online visitors. People will have a notion about your brand when they see a certain typography has been used on your website. Typography can instantly show the user what the brand is about. That is why it is important to understand what message you are trying to convey to your users when choosing typography. Typography has a great impact on what the user feels and experiences when the page loads. Your choice of typography will greatly impact on how users interact with your website.

Bigger And Bolder

Watch out for bolder and bigger typography on popular websites in 2017. Website owners now prefer their pages to look minimalistic and clean but capture users’ attention with bold and big text especially on their home pages. Check this example from French agency Big Youth.

Bold Fonts

Kaleidoscopic Gradients

Watch out for bright and bold gradients in 2017. Websites that incorporate this design feature will achieve that fresh and modern look that a brand needs in order to stand out. Some will utilize the gradients to spread out important messages on their home pages, like it was done on Y7K website. It takes the eye of a skilled designer to bring out the two-tone effect in the best way possible.



Though cinemagraphs have been here for a while now, more and more website owners will incorporate this feature on their websites in 2017. Cinemagraphs will be used to spike visual interest and get rid of the old and boring static web pages. More and more businesses will use cinemagraphs to keep their audiences glued to their websites for much longer. Check out this awesome example from Danish agency CP+B Copenhagen.

Danish agency CP+B Copenhagen


You’ve probably seen illustrations commonly used in graphic design and art websites. But in 2017, more and more businesses will incorporate this unique design element in their websites. Illustrators and graphic elements can be used to add personality and evoke emotion on your website. When used well, illustration can add charm and help to bring out the creativity that your brand has to offer. A good example could be seen on NewActon website.


Simple Site Layouts

The days of having complicated layouts that interfere with user experience are long gone. In 2017, you’ll come across lots of websites with very simple layouts but colors and texture have been used to add depth and personality to the website design. This year, website designers will be focusing on simple design elements that stand out, like on Melissa Meio-Fio website

Meio Fio

Modular Design

Designers who will focus on coming up with websites that are clean and accessible are going to incorporate the modular design more in 2017. The modular elements are an excellent choice to keep users interested while maintaining a very simple and minimalistic website design.


Overlapping Text And Images

In 2017, you are likely to see more websites making use of the overlapping text and images to create a dramatic and fun effect especially on their blogs and portfolio websites. This design idea can make text stand out but it has to be well-incorporated in order to maintain user friendliness. On Thibault Pailloux website this technique shows how simple and neat your website might look like.

Thibault Pailloux

Bold Website Backgrounds

Forget about the plain white and grey backgrounds that you come across in most websites, 2017 will usher in a new wave of bold and bright backgrounds. You are more likely to see designers playing around with colors like pink and purple for the background while still maintaining good visibility and readability,like this example from Fotonaut.


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