Over the past weekend Google had done an algorithm ranking update during and to our surprise, Google did confirm it. Danny Sullivan from Google tweeted that yes, an update was undertaken. Via Google’s @searchliason account, Danny gave an in-depth explanation of the update.

Google Update Screen 3

Update Confirmed by Google


According to Danny, last week is when they released the extensive core algorithm update and it is something they do several times, each year. Google added that they do daily changes aimed at improving search results. Some of these changes target specific improvements while others are broad updates. This time, they did a “core algorithm update,” something that doesn’t occur every day at Google. Panda and other older algorithms form the core algorithm which has many other parts.

Google Update Screen 2

What actions do you to take if your rankings dropped?


Google says you should just relax and do nothing. Yes, do not take any hasty actions. This is because, with every update, some sites may gain or drop. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with your site if it is having a lower ranking. In fact, some pages perform less well after updates and this should not alarm site owners who notice such changes. According to Google, their system updates are in fact benefiting under-rewarded pages.

Furthermore, Google stated that the only fix to a less performing page is to keep building great content. Owners of such pages should, therefore, wait it out plus improve the overall site. Over time, your content may make your site rank better than other pages.

It wasn’t a specific update


Via different tweets, Danny went on to state that this was not something like a Maccabees Update, as they were doing a core update. Therefore, it had nothing to do with Fred either. Assuming a Fred Update or a Maccabees Update does not represent a core update here.

Google update Screen 1

The bottom line is, core updates contain many things in them like Panda and others. That means that overall quality updates have many Pandas, many Maccabees, and many Freds, although Google will not name the specifics. As we can now confirm, an update that occurs several times per year happened last weekend. If it hit you, there is nothing you can do except better your site.

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