What Are Internet Marketing Mistakes I Should Be Avoiding?

Internet Marketing Mistakes

Know What NOT To Do

No matter what type of business you are running in Toronto, you are going to have some online competition. Everybody has a website and social media presence these days. If you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure you do internet marketing correctly.

Sometimes the best way to come up with a good strategy is to know what NOT to do.

Any of the following mistakes can really hurt you, so be sure not to make them!

Expecting instant results

Internet marketing – particularly SEO – is a slow process that requires a lot of patience. Unless you somehow win the internet lottery and go viral with some of your content, you need to accept the fact that results may take some time. You can get some targeted traffic quickly if you create a good PPC campaign, but many businesses can’t afford the costs associated with it.

Not keeping an eye on your competitors

It’s not enough to know who your competitors are. How will you be able to beat them if you don’t even know what they are doing? How do their websites differ from yours? What keywords are they ranking for? How much are they paying for PPC? What is their social media strategy? How often do they update their blogs? Compare what they are doing to what you are doing. Know their strengths and weaknesses as well as your own.

Failing to analyze measurable data

Just about any online marketing strategy can be measured in some way, from PPC to SEO. Both Google and Bing offer great webmaster tools to help you measure data. Unlike other forms of advertising, internet ads can be measured in detail. Analyze how well your ads are performing. Determine whether or not it’ll be worth it to continue bidding on certain keywords for PPC. Webmaster tools allow you to literally pinpoint the traffic source for all of your website visits, leads, and sales.

Not reaching out to all of your potential customers

Computers aren’t the only way to connect to the internet these days. More people own mobile devices than they do PCs. Think of the millions of people who carry their smartphones with them all day, every day. If your site isn’t built to accommodate them, then it should be. You’re missing out on tons of leads and potential customers.

Putting too much focus on traffic

Sure, you’re probably putting a lot of focus on making money – that’s what business owners do, after all. But getting a lot of traffic does not mean you will be making a lot of money. Your marketing strategy should put a focus on conversions rather than on traffic. You can get thousands of visitors to your site or business listing a day, but none of that traffic will matter if those visitors aren’t converting into customers.

Having a bad landing page

Your landing page is the page on your site that visitors end up at whenever they click on your ad or link. It’s their first impression of your site, so it needs to be set up properly and offer an incentive for visitors to stick around. A poorly designed landing page that has nothing to offer will only cause people to hit the back button. In addition to a good design, a landing page should also have good copy, clear call to action, and a fast loading time.

There are other mistakes you could be making with internet marketing. However, these are some of the most common. Be sure to consult professional internet marketing company for some ideas on how to market your brand.

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