HTML 5 banners, or how they are commonly referred to as live banners are a new wave of advertisements that hope to change the world of digital marketing. Their overall function is similar to that of regular web banners as they primarily used for the promotion of a brand, product or service. However, the key difference lies in how the content within them is able to be changed which allows them to be adapted in real time. I’m sure by this time you have came across by one but you may not have noticed, this reading will teach more about these three dimensional ads you are starting to see pop-up around select websites.

How They Work?

Dynamic banners are built through various multimedia software applications like Microsoft Silverpoint, HTML or JavaScript. They are designed using different forms of text, images, graphics, sounds and video which are all used simultaneously in order to draw the user’s attention. Live banners are able to extrapolate external data from a web server in order to display information in real time that allows them to better capitalize on market opportunities. Examples of these types of ads include the promotion of concert tickets, the ad will take in factors like demand into its pricing. Once the tickets go on sale the ad can dynamically alter the price based on the demand and availability.

Who uses them?

Currently, not many businesses effectively utilize live banners in their marketing efforts. However many big name brands have incorporated them in their marketing practices which includes the likes of GE, Nike and Visa. The main reason for why these ads have yet to see any significant growth is due to cost restraints and fear of working with complex software. Many companies feel like they don’t want to take the risk by investing in technology they are not familiar with.


Despite these concerns, there is definitely an opportunity for businesses to explore the possibility of using this technology for future marketing programs. The first reason is because they are able to capture the audience’s attention much better than most other ads. Live banners can customized for any campaign and by hiring an expert who has experience with these types of software you can eliminate the risk of putting out ads that won’t preform. These ads also prompt customer action and can be altered for different segments. By investing this type of technology you can change the way you interact with customers based on different geographical regions through examples like the changing of the ads languages or currency. Another reason for these ads could see growth is due to mobile marketing. It’s no secret that the mobile industry is seeing unprecedented growth that businesses can no longer ignore, the advantage these ads have is that they can be placed on almost any type of mobile device and they can be adjusted to any size.


In summary, there is a lot to learn from live banners as they quite haven’t been able to establish themselves just yet. Regardless, in today’s digital marketing age it has become all about being able to customize marketing efforts based on individual customer needs, therefore there is definitely an opportunity for them to find a place in marketing. Also, businesses are starting to recognize the importance of evaluating statistics and these types of ads allow for the evaluation of different metrics which is vital as companies want to be able to measure the performance of all programs they set out. Only in time we will see if they are to gain enough traction to become more popular. Until then, they will continue be those ads you see on few websites that are always able to catch your eye.

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