What Is SEO & How Does It Work?

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SEO to Promote your Business

If you’ve been searching around for ways to market your business online, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about SEO. From what you’ve heard, you know that SEO is important and it seems to be one of those must-haves in online marketing. But when you ask people what is SEO and how it works, you might get vague or confusing answers.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Whatever you have to promote your business online – whether it be a website, a YouTube video or a blog – won’t be very effective unless it is easy for people to find. And for people to find your online content, search engines must be able to find it first. When search engines find your content they rank it against all other similar content and that is what determines whether you are on the first page of Google or the tenth page for any given search keyword.

SEO is a collection of techniques that help to improve your ranking.

SEO Websites – The most important techniques for SEO have to do with your website itself. In fact, if you are considering a re-design of your present website, ensuring that your new website is search engine optimized should be a top priority.

SEO Content Writing – Think about all the people that are out there right now conducting online searches for something that you offer. Now ask, “what words or phrases are the most likely to be searching?” If your website has those keywords and phrases in a number of places (without being spammy), then your website will have a better chance of being listed near the top of the search engine.

So when writing content for your website, you need to first consider what keywords and phrases you want to be ranked for and make sure that you use them. A word of caution however is to remember that your ultimate audience are human beings so you can’t use your keywords and phrases to the extent that your content becomes difficult to read.

SEO Design – In order for search engines to rank your site, they send programs called spiders out through the Internet. The faster these spiders can find your site, navigate through it, and report back to the search engine, the sooner your site will get ranked and the better it is for your SEO. Good SEO design involves intuitive navigation from link to link, proper headers and meta tags.

External Ways to Promote SEO

The most common way to promote your sites SEO externally is through backlinking.

Backlinking – Remember the search engine spiders that we told you about? Well they don’t just travel from link to link through your website – they also travel from link to link across different websites. So if there are reputable websites out there (ones that the search engines have already given a decent ranking to), and they have a link to your website, that will improve your ranking as well.

Ways to get your link on other websites include submitting your link to various directories and customer review sites, contacting other webmasters and asking, as well as through social media. Of course the best way is to create amazing content so that people will want to link to your site on their own!

So in a nutshell, SEO is a way to get a better ranking in the search engines which will result in more traffic to your website. It works by making sure that your site is the best it can be for search engine spiders to find it and rank it.

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